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Albert Serra France, 2019

MUBI Spotlight

From Don Quixote to Louis XIV, Albert Serra is notorious for radically reimagining the costume drama, but little will prepare you for this. A gorgeous tableaux of the nocturnal cruising and sexual fantasies of desperate aristocrats, its confrontational form challenges cinematic vulgarity and excess.


Brian Welsh United Kingdom, 2019

MUBI Spotlight

Turn up the volume and join two teenage pals during their last hurrah in this blissful rave film from director Brian Welsh. Executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, Beats is an electrifying story of friendship, class, and youth, galvanized through its sublime visuals and buzzing soundtrack.

I Was at Home, But...

Angela Schanelec Germany, 2019

MUBI Spotlight

Subject of a recent MUBI retrospective, Berlin School auteur Angela Schanelec won the Silver Bear at Berlin for this entrancing masterwork. Her mysteriously elliptical storytelling captures the ache of a family facing a crisis, creating a profound and gorgeous portrait of motherhood and kinship.

Our Time

Carlos Reygadas Mexico, 2018

MUBI Spotlight

Carlos Reygadas’ cinema is one of meticulous observation and grandiose revelations. Casting himself and his real-life wife, the Mexican auteur boldly explores—with spellbinding visuals—the dark corners of relationships, dissecting patriarchy along the way. A domestic drama of majestic proportions.


Kantemir Balagov Russia, 2019

MUBI Spotlight

After the shockingly powerful Closeness, we couldn’t wait for Russian wunderkind Kantemir Balagov’s second film. Beanpole grabbed us by the throat: an entrancing immersion into post-war turmoil and a towering ode to female resilience—with tour-de-force performances and a jaw-dropping use of color.

Coincoin and the Extra-Humans

Bruno Dumont France, 2018

MUBI Spotlight

Director Bruno Dumont has always married the austere with the provocative, but only recently has this been unexpectedly joined by comedy! Dumont returns to the setting of his comic mystery Li’l Quinquin for a wry, Invasion of the Body Snatchers-inspired tale set in the wilds of Northern France.

A Faithful Man

Louis Garrel France, 2018

MUBI Spotlight

A Faithful Man, from America’s latest heartthrob—director, co-writer, and star Louis Garrel (Little Women)—is the perfect Valentine’s Day choice. Co-written by frequent Buñuel collaborator Jean-Claude Carrière, the film playfully shifts between drama and comedy, subtle murder mystery and love story.

Touch Me Not

Adina Pintilie Romania, 2018

MUBI Spotlight

Billed as the most controversial Berlinale Golden Bear in history, Adina Pintilie’s fearless investigation of intimacy and sexuality persuasively invites the spectator to participate in its exploratory narrative. A treatise on bodies and our perception of the Other that won’t leave you indifferent.

The Image Book

Jean-Luc Godard Switzerland, 2018

MUBI Spotlight

Now in his seventh decade of filmmaking, Jean-Luc Godard continues to surprise and provoke us. Winner of the first-ever Special Palme d’Or at Cannes, The Image Book is a riotous whirlwind of images and sounds whose inventive brilliance proves that the New Wave legend is as revolutionary as ever.

Walking on Water

Andrey Paounov United States, 2018

MUBI Spotlight

The brilliant mind and elaborate process of the great environmental artist Christo is captured in all of its spectacle in this documentary portrait. The stalwart plight of the artist, equally absurd, euphoric, and dangerous, is perfectly captured amidst Christo’s epic effort to rethink a landscape.

Tehran Taboo

Ali Soozandeh Austria, 2017

MUBI Spotlight

The repressive laws and social norms in Iran today are carefully, even beautifully, unfurled in this sublimely animated film. With its images cast in hypnotic rotoscoping, Tehran Taboo is a boldly transgressive act of solidarity with the many who live under the harsh rule of an unforgiving state.

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