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Performers We Love

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Actors play an integral part in bringing to life the world of a film. A particular movement or gesture, the enigmatic tone of a line perfectly delivered, the stance of an entrance or exit, the weight of human emotion carried in their face: Actors give a physical reality to what was once only an idea. This series is dedicated to the performers we love: those actors who transcend their roles and can channel complex, multi-dimensional figures and raw emotions and who may, in turn, provoke these feelings in us.

Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

Arnaud des Pallières France, 2013

For us, a movie star is someone who we’ll watch in any movie—and if Mads Mikkelsen is in it, we’re there. Whether playing a Bond villain, a boozing school teacher (his newest film, Another Round), or embodying vengeful outrage in this historical drama, his brooding intensity is fiercely compelling.

Max mon amour

Nagisa Ôshima France, 1986

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Performers We Love

Nagisa Ōshima shocks once more in this deliciously Buñuelian farce on bourgeois marriage. Billed as “the greatest ape romance since King Kong,” it stars Charlotte Rampling in another sexually unconventional, unforgettable role: a kinky diplomat’s wife who is in love with a circus chimp. Oh là là!

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