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Criminal Antics in China

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Is there a more perfect marriage between genres than comedies and crime films? Crime comedies have become a staple of contemporary cinema, partially due to the pleasure in seeing nefarious plans go haywire, but also through their depiction of the outrageous challenges that the working class faces. The three films in this series tackle present-day social issues in mainland China, satirizing social hierarchy through the prism of lawlessness and varying styles of the genre. Infused with a sharp and striking sense of dark humor, Cock and Bull is the story of a small-town mechanic uncovering deep-seeded corruption. Telling a similar tale of exploitation is A Fool, which takes a different approach by dismantling the moral bankruptcy of capitalist greed through its deadpan expressions and irony. Meanwhile, A Cool Fish is a multifaceted and absurd tale of people living on the margins of society, told through boisterous, physical comedy. By turns exhilarating and amusing, these three films speak universal truths about class dynamics by taking different forms to shed a light on the moral conundrums of criminality.

A Cool Fish

Xiaozhi Rao China, 2018

A brilliant mix of genres, A Cool Fish weaves comedy, petty criminality, and social commentary into a rewarding and enjoyable caper. Following interlocking narratives, the film is a slick thriller and just the right amount silly, inspired by the great tradition of Chinese slapstick.

A Fool

Chen Jianbin China, 2014

A masterful debut feature, Chen Jianbin’s A Fool is a stylish noir utilizing deadpan humor to satirize the greed underneath China’s income divide. Shot mostly in long takes, the performers are given room to drive the tense story, while also softening its edge with great banter and affection.

Cock and Bull

Cao Baoping China, 2016

Crime isn’t only the realm of masterminds—just as entertaining are the botched plans of aspirational crooks. This series focuses on comic criminal antics from mainland China, starting with Cock and Bull, a series of interwoven tales that exquisitely blends dark humor and genre thrills.

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