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Love & Loss & Liberation: Two Classic Gay Films by Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.

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This double feature presents two films by trailblazing gay director Arthur J. Bressan, Jr., whose films stretch across narrative forms to highlight the political and emotional realities of queer life in the United States. The essential documentary Gay USA, from 1978, drops us into National Gay Freedom marches across the country from the previous summer, supplementing observational footage with sound-bites to underscore both queer joy and the anger and fear resulting from homophobia and homophobic violence. In 1985, Bressan Jr. directed the first feature about the AIDS crisis, Buddies, a groundbreaking masterpiece that is both urgent in topic and a moving work of meditative filmmaking about love and death. Underseen and not sufficiently discussed, these two films are presented in new 2K restorations at a time where homophobia and a lack of queer storytelling remain as prevalent as during the making of both films.

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