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The Best of “Movie Poster of the Day,” Part 5

The latest favorites from around the world.
Adrian Curry

Above: Fan art poster for Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, USA, 2013); designer: Peter Stults. 

In this latest run-down of the most popular posters on my Movie Poster of the Day Tumblr—covering the last four months of daily posts—I’m not leading off with the number one most liked and reblogged poster (the Hitch-centric Rear Window, below) because that was the main poster in my loquacious posters post a couple of months ago. So I’m starting with the second most popular: a superb retro take on Gravity by artist Peter Stults which was one of a number of alternative takes on the film commissioned by the UK magazine ShortList back in October.

The rest of the top 20, shown in descending order, are a pleasingly eclectic grab bag, with posters from nine different countries and seven different decades. Three of my very favorite recent discoveries appear all in a row: that French La notte, the Polish Desire, and the German Black Narcissus. The ninth most popular poster, that Czech morning-after-the-night-before take on The Seven Year Itch, I only posted two days ago on New Year’s Day and it’s still racing up the charts.

Above: 1962 re-release poster for Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1954)

Above: 1967 Japanese poster for La Chinoise (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967); designer: Kiyoshi Awazu (b. 1929).

Above: US one sheet for The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 2013).

Above: Canadian poster for Blue is the Warmest Color (Abdellatif Kechiche, France, 2013); designer: Karine Savard. 

Above: 80th anniversary poster for King Kong (Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack, USA, 1933); designers: La Boca.

Above: 1970s French re-release grande for The Great Dictator (Charles Chaplin, USA, 1940); designer: Leo Kouper (b. 1926).

Above: 1963 Czech poster for The General (Buster Keaton & Clyde Bruckman, USA, 1926); designer: Vladimír Fuka (1926-1977).

Above: 1964 Czech poster for The Seven Year Itch (Billy Wilder, USA, 1955); designer: Zdenek Kaplan (b. 1940).

Above: US poster for Let’s Get Lost (Bruce Weber, USA, 1989); designer: Sam Shahid; photographer: William Claxton (1927-2008). 

Above: US poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson, USA, 2014).

Above: Unused design for Venus in Fur (Roman Polanski, France, 2013); designer: Akiko Stehrenberger. 

Above: Japanese poster for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Jacques Demy, France, 1964).

Above: French grande for La notte (Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1961).

Above: 1959 Polish poster for Desire (Vojtech Jasny, Czechoslovakia, 1958); designer: Jerzy Flisak (1930-2008).

Above: 1978 Polish poster for Rocky (John G. Avildsen, USA, 1976); designer: Edward Lutczyn (b. 1947).

Above: 1948 German poster for Hamburg premiere of Black Narcissus (Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, UK, 1947).

Above: Swedish poster for The Woman in Red (Robert Florey, USA, 1935). 

Above: UK quad for Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach, USA, 2012); designer: Sam Ashby.

Above: US one sheet for The Incredible Journey (Fletcher Markle, USA, 1963).

You can also see the ten most popular posts of the entire year here.

Poster sources are all credited on Movie Poster of the Day; click on the titles for more information.

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