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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. State buoni... se potete

    State buoni... se potete

  2. La traviata
  3. Scusate il ritardo

    Scusate il ritardo

  4. You Upset Me

    You Upset Me

  5. Time for Loving
    Best Supporting Actress

    Time for Loving

  6. Gandhi
    Best Foreign Director


  7. Identification of a Woman

    Identification of a Woman

  8. The Night of the Shooting Stars

    The Night of the Shooting Stars

  9. That Night in Varennes

    That Night in Varennes

  10. A Blow to the Heart

    A Blow to the Heart

  11. The Pool Hustlers

    The Pool Hustlers

  12. Grog
  13. Spaghetti house

    Spaghetti house

  14. Chopin
  15. The Blue Planet
    Best New Director

    The Blue Planet