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by Aisha

Tea-Making Tips (1941) /
Life’s Lil’ Bitch (Lisa Smolkin) /
Cave Ecology /
Peeping Tom (1897) /
A Fence is a Movement (Bridget Moser) /
Trio A (Yvonne Rainer) /
My Crops Are Dying But My Body Persists (Bridget Moser) /
Stealing Beauty (Guy Ben-Ner) /
Thursday (Galen Johnston) /
A Leaf that Tastes like a Pencil (Bridget Moser) /
Join the Club (Bridget Moser) /
Who Do You Think You Are, I Am (Bridget Moser) /
Moby Dick (Guy Ben-Ner) /
Every Room is a Waiting Room (Bridget Moser) /
48 War Movies (Christin Marclay) /
Thing of Beauty (Bridget Moser) /
Memory Foam (Bridget Moser) /
Architectures—Maison de Verre /