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MUBI Releases

MUBI Releases


Xavier Dolan Canada, 2019

Premiering in Cannes, Xavier Dolan’s heartfelt new film sees the return of the beloved director before the camera. This sparkling drama is the story of a friendship between men from different classes that is challenged by the possibility of separation—and attraction. A director Q&A follows the film.

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Ariane Labed France, 2019

We’re thrilled to see French actress Ariane Labed (Attenberg, The Lobster) jump behind the camera, and her directing debut is nothing short of explosive! Premiering in Cannes last year, this 27-minute gem subverts ideas of femalehood and immigration with style, humor, and insight to spare.


Maria Saakyan Russia, 2006

The first Armenian feature directed by a woman, Maria Saakyan’s bold debut is a mesmerizing journey weaving village life and reveries into a swirling vision reminiscent of Tarkovsky. Saakyan’s life was tragically cut short, but this new restoration beautifully showcases her extraordinary vision.


Werner Herzog United States, 2019

MUBI is ecstatic to take you on a surreal new adventure with indefatigable globetrotting auteur, Werner Herzog. Filmed guerrilla-style in Japan, Herzog’s unique dramatization of the real phenomenon of renting family members and social stand-ins explores the uncanny essence of human relationships.


Jodie Mack United States, 2018

From MUBI regular Jodie Mack comes a tour de force, sui generis globetrotting textile documentary in the form of a 16mm abstract animated (and musical!) feature. An entrancing experience that is as much about the creation and circulation of fabric as it’s about the pure pleasure of color and design.


Luca Guadagnino Italy, 2019

The Italian director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) collaborated with Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, for this short film. With a star-laden cast and score by Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Staggering Girl unfolds with the mysteriousness of a dream, sumptuous and elusive.


Katharina Kastner Belgium, 2019

Some places are haunted not by ghosts, but by history. Katharina Kastner has found one: Baron Empain’s extraordinary 1934 mansion, a marvel of period design that has seen ruin and revival. With the elegance of Resnais and Raúl Ruiz, this beguiling poem of a film conjures the magic of its existence.


Sion Sono Japan, 2016

Genre-bending Japanese provocateur Sono Sion (Love Exposure) flips his assignment on its head, transforming his softcore film into a candy-colored, fourth-wall-breaking exposé of the sex (and art) industry.