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Moretti's Comedies

Moretti's Comedies


Nanni Moretti Italy, 1978

An early comedy from Nanni Moretti, delicately unfurling the lives of its young characters—their anxieties, politics and romantic ambitions—with a graceful sense of humor distinct to the director. A slight yet key work in Moretti’s oeuvre.

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Nanni Moretti Italy, 1981

Nanni Moretti’s self-inquiry into filmmaking, political ennui, and men’s relations with their mothers. Sound familiar? Yet this film only expands on those which came before it with a more intimate confessional style aimed at the state of modern Italy.


Nanni Moretti Italy, 1976

If you only know Palme d’Or winner The Son’s Room, Nanni Moretti’s early comedies will be a special treat. Shot on Super 8, this debut feature already boasts a perfect balance between autobiography, social commentary and satire, launching what would become the Moretti touch.