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Chicks & Co: Spotlight on Sophie Letourneur

Chicks & Co: Spotlight on Sophie Letourneur

With amateurish and self-deprecatory playfulness, Sophie Letourneur directs her lens at the everyday lives of young, unashamed women who talk loudly about their sex life, their underwear, or their periods. However goofy her characters appear, Letourneur experiments in every film with both form and writing to create highly precise works that somehow remain impressively naturalistic. An unforgiving and refreshing authorial voice within the contemporary film landscape, Letourneur provides a de-glamorized, and thus more realistic, portrait of the female experience through a panoply of exasperating yet exhilarating heroines.


Sophie Letourneur France, 2012

With her usual self-deprecatory playfulness, Sophie Letourneur crafted this delightful gem starring Louis Garrel. Shot during the Locarno Film Festival, this comedy full of refreshing candor and wit follows three unashamed women more interested in potential flings than high-brow flicks.

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Sophie Letourneur France, 2014

Writer-director-actor Sophie Letourneur has made a mark in French cinema as an auteur of female-led audacities. This film, a dual act starring Lolita Chammah (Isabelle Huppert’s daughter!), is both slapstick comedy and gentle romance: a hard-learned lesson in either solitude, or companionship.

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Sophie Letourneur France, 2010

With her debut feature, Sophie Letourneur brought a refreshing breeze to French cinema by depicting the lives (and parties) of sassy young women. After a long period of rehearsals, and a tight script based on moments she had lived with her own friends, Chicks retains its vivid, strident realism.