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Heinz Emigholz: Architecture and Beyond

Heinz Emigholz: Architecture and Beyond

Spotlighting the remarkable career of preeminent documentarian Heinz Emigholz, whose intertwining series of films “Architecture as Autobiography” and “Photography and Beyond” explore the manifold intersections of culture, politics, and cityscapes across the 20th and 21st centuries.


Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2000

From preeminent documentarian Heinz Emigholz’s marvelously contemplative “Architecture as Autobiography” series, exploring some of the 20th century’s most important architects by using the camera to reveal the buildings that define their art.

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Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2000

From his “Architecture as Autobiography” series, Heinz Emigholz travels through Switzerland to discover the play of weight, structure, and composition that makes the concrete bridge constructions designed in the first half of the 20th century by Robert Maillart so unique.

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Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2017

A testament to Emigholz’s fascination with geometry, the fourth part of his Streetscapes comes in the shape of a triptych. The film elegantly connects three moments in time through architecture, channeling the notion of permanence across History, and the silent interaction of buildings with nature.


Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2003

As part of “Architecture as Autobiography,” we go on an American road trip with director Heinz Emigholz to find unexpectedly shaped, beautifully lit buildings—many of which are individual houses—designed by Bruce Goff. A constantly surprising series of discoveries embedded in the landscape.


Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2017

The third entry in Emigholz’s Streetscapes series, and perhaps the one that solves the mystery of it all! Uncharacteristically structured around fictionalized therapy sessions, this is a playful and illuminating experiment shedding light onto the director’s entire architecture-focused body of work.


Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2017

We bring you a new documentary series by Heinz Emigholz (from of our Architecture of Autobiography series), the brilliantly unclassifiable “Streetscapes,” pinpointing perspicacious intersections of art, urban landscape, politics, history and psychology. The first, focusing on music, rocks hard.


Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2016

The second of Heinz Emigholz’s unique documentary film series “Streetscapes”—an intersection with the director’s famed architecture studies—is a provocative juxtaposition of buildings that were designed in Israel’s past for grand social and political goals and now shown in their present state.


Heinz Emigholz Germany, 2005

The first half of our Heinz Emigholz series concludes with the most unusual and—yes!—horrifying of his revelatory architectural films. It explores with morbid fascination the baroque house of the titular Italian poet, one so grotesque with ornamentation you might find it in Orson Welles’ nightmares.