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Ratings & Reviews

  1. lesminho's rating of the film Zombies

  2. Ana Cecilia's rating of the film Zombies

    Mind blowing, beautiful colors, amazing music, all put together so so good.

  3. ronny's rating of the film Zombies

    literally a series of music videos but i'll take it!

  4. runfromfire's rating of the film Zombies

    I found myself transfixed by the music and movement more than anything. The metaphors and allusions were well-trod and, at times, ham-fisted but the overall product is fantastic. If you were unaware, Baloji has an album consisting of the film's music (and more) floating around out there.

  5. Laura G.'s rating of the film Zombies

    Absolutely genius. This is our generation, the generation that has to take a picture and post it otherwise it didn't happen. Please can I get that yellow jacket?

  6. Finn Simons's rating of the film Zombies

    This was a fascinating piece with an excellent use of color, light, music, mirrors, costumes, props, and technology to create a visually grabbing watch. Behind all of the flashy filmwork and artistic visuals there was an important message, one that can be applied to all cultures in this day and age. Technology absorbing the attention of people to the point they become "zombies" is dangerous for everyone.

  7. Mad D'Lynne's rating of the film Zombies

    I loved the concept, color palette, art design, and music. As a fan of Damselfrau's work, it was great to see her instantly recognizable masks on camera. It's a clever short film, right down to the credits.

  8. Frode Kinserdal's rating of the film Zombies

    Funny, smart, catchy music. I liked the way technology is accepted and used.

  9. John Woodall's rating of the film Zombies

    While I certainly enjoyed this film, I couldn't help but feel that underneath the appealing barrage of vibrant colors, pop music, and dancing, this film lacked something substantive that it had seemed to offer. The "phones are bad" ideology certainly isn't a new one and I thought that this film's non-subtle presentation of it almost fell into a category of shallowness that it had seemed to denounce.

  10. Maria's rating of the film Zombies

    interesting mosaic of african life

  11. SMCC100's rating of the film Zombies

    This gave me the vapours.

  12. Nicole Richie's rating of the film Zombies

    I was already infatuated with Baloji’s bleu de nuit, but this is even better.

  13. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Zombies

    Excellent, fantastic costumes, great dancing, street scenes, all very well put together. An entertaining watch.

  14. Michael Schmidt's rating of the film Zombies

    Beautiful, beautiful film, despite the troubling topic.

  15. mariealexakay's rating of the film Zombies

    This film really made me think a lot about the African culture and what an enormous impact it has on the society nowadays. It is incredibly beautiful that in today’s world we have so many different cultures mixed with each other. There are so many amazing things in our modern culture that were actually introduced by the Africans. Those aren’t material things, but they are spiritual, which makes them really special.

  16. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Zombies

    A wonderful extended music video commenting on the ways in which people live their lives through their mobile phones, this is energetic, stylish, and smart. Well worth 15 minutes of your time.

  17. Leco's rating of the film Zombies

    Beautiful imagery, it reminded me of Jenn Nkiru's work. I don't get why discredit the effort as a "music video", it's a way to convey a message anyhow. A pretty easy on the eye one yes but even so. Many people I believe have on expectations the message countries like Congo should pack in its productions but fail to recognize that by not fulfilling that to this mostly non-African audience they're choosing their own.

  18. mono.micha's rating of the film Zombies

    Medienschelte ganz unterhaltsamer Art ("Handys sind böse!"). Allerdings wird hier nicht viel mehr als zwei Musikvideos zusammengepappt. Irgendwie ein wenig aufgeblasen und großschnäuzig, das hier wirklich einen "Film" zu nennen.

  19. Pok's rating of the film Zombies

    Este genial cortometraje está lleno de energía, nos muestra la Kinshasa actual con toda su modernidad, desde los "zombies" titulares que viven aislados mediante sus dispositivos móviles hasta manifestantes en las calles citadinas, creando instalaciones de arte contemporáneo vistosas y demenciales. Si bien las críticas sociales son bastante directas, logran una universalidad contundente. Me encantó.

  20. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Zombies

    A very intelligent music video with a message about how technology brainwashes us but even better the music is above average and the direction stronger than in many mainstream videos I have seen. Take notes American music video directors.

  21. woodcock's rating of the film Zombies

    Cinematography was great! Some of the scenes felt a bit on the nose, but the visuals were always outstanding and provocative.

  22. thomas's rating of the film Zombies

    style! myth! dance! and a message on the new normal in regards to addiction.

  23. Ted Eames's rating of the film Zombies

    Plenty of energy and invention to enjoy here. This is a strong music video with a simple political message tucked away amongst the carnival costumes and the 'zombie' rhetoric.

  24. dionysus67's rating of the film Zombies

    Whilst the transgressive, hybrid and colorful fashion tableaux towards the end of this short film display imagery of cinematic potential, 'Zombies' is ultimately a video-clip project and one that self-consciously succumbs to the social media craze that feeds a self's thirst for recognition. Ethnographically it has some interest but the concomitant social commentary is essentially compressed in the shallow rap lyrics.