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  1. misu's rating of the film Zombies

  2. ejonline's rating of the film Zombies

    The bigger critique was clear, but some of the specifics were lost on me because I’m not part of the conversation.

  3. Nerine Ortiz Pon's rating of the film Zombies

    wow the art direction was so strong

  4. HamedKachuiaan's rating of the film Zombies

  5. emleslie's rating of the film Zombies

    Perfeqtue. What a bricolage of urban art forms and languages. Don't know if it could say more if it tried.

  6. Reza Rosebud's rating of the film Zombies

  7. Frank Eduardo's rating of the film Zombies

    Es un film corto que presenta la vida en algún lugar de África. Entre la basura y los colores, se exterioriza un tipo de arte, lo que vuelve alucinante ver cada segundo de esta obra.

  8. Joavisgreen's rating of the film Zombies

  9. Thomas's rating of the film Zombies

  10. Francisco Real's rating of the film Zombies

    Excelente fotografia y banda sonora, muy entretenido.

  11. Ramon Colom's rating of the film Zombies

    Que agradable sorpresa este film de Baloji. Un musical sorpresivo que nos dice mucho del Congo actual, sus calles llenas de mierda (ver los créditos finales), sus músicas llenas de vida y sus hombres y mujeres repletos de sensualidad. Quiero más

  12. Irem's rating of the film Zombies

    splendid.. brilliant.. cool.. respect!

  13. Chiara's rating of the film Zombies

    Fantastic direction! Great actors! Original costumes and excellent soundtrack!

  14. jsbrocka's rating of the film Zombies

    Although criticizing the ever-connected zombie culture isn't anything new, there is a refreshing joie de vivre in the way Baloji tackles this tedious subject. The Congolese-born, Belgium-based multi-hyphenate draws from the electrifying energy of Kinshasa City itself to craft a meticulously art-directed, heavily-stylized, and powerfully-written music video that reveres and ridicules modern Congo at the same time.

  15. Charliehoho's rating of the film Zombies

    Stunningly beautiful and fresh. I watched it several times and was transported each viewing by its visual cacophony. It's delirious and dystopian and hopeful and sad. I hope BALOJI keeps turning out films.

  16. DrFirestone's rating of the film Zombies

    Best approached as an extended video clip. Despite the troubling topic it just flows so smoothly and effortlessly. Beautiful costumes, great music and dancing sequences. You could certainly say that this feature does not discover anything new nor is it groundbreaking - but it definitely has its charm and sticks with you. The ending is strong and the end credits just brilliant!

  17. Louis Judkins's rating of the film Zombies

    A visual treat from start to finish, with one of the most inventive closing credits sequences I've ever seen

  18. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Zombies

    Un derroche de buenas decisiones en medio de tanto videoclip musical insulso y lleno de carros costos y estupideces. La mezcla de locaciones parecidas a cualquier otra de un videoclip tradicional con la pobreza, la contaminación y la cotidianidad ayudan a crear un efecto de extrañamiento alto. Además, la música es pegajosa y las coreografías llamativas. Conocer cine de latitudes como están amplían el panorama.

  19. mpho3's rating of the film Zombies

    "Talking about the visuals that inspired the film, Baloji explains: 'I was reminded of a photograph by John Stanmeyer of migrants on a shore in Djibouti—raising their phones in the air to try and catch a signal. This picture illuminates our relationship with our phones.'” - Baloji as quoted on Nowness.

  20. asperda's rating of the film Zombies

    Ich bin begeistert und sprachlos. Was für ein Drive, was für eine Musik und was für abgefahrene Kleider. Ein wunderbarer Kurzfilm. Christoph Rau

  21. Pegarange's rating of the film Zombies

    7/10. On a deeper level it's just another simple satire on social media, modern society, and all that stuff, but I don't really mind because of how creative it is musically and visually.

  22. mis marg's rating of the film Zombies

    enjoyed the sapeurs strutting,,,,,,,,

  23. João Monge Coutinho's rating of the film Zombies

    A potentially interesting thought: the cultural cross-influence between Africa and the western world might be quite palpable in this short film. The capacity of strongly conveying a message* with no verbal dialogue is admirable. Photography / acting / dancing / colouring / editing / music were all very good; most of them beautiful. * But then, I'm not certain "message" would be the right word here.

  24. OlliFlamme's rating of the film Zombies

    This short piece is easy to digest and confronts by ridiculing our modern mainstream cellular life. As compressed as our social experience is in our tiny electronics, the more vivid and inventive the expressions in this movie talk to our consience. This piece opens a dimension of realness which is a true comodity in our society and of which there seems to be a relieving abundance left in the heart of Africa.

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