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  1. Photo of Tomm Moore

    Tomm Moore Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Ross Stewart

    Ross Stewart Director

  3. Photo of Will Collins

    Will Collins Screenplay

  4. Photo of Honor Kneafsey

    Honor Kneafsey Voice

  5. Photo of Eva Whittaker

    Eva Whittaker Voice

  6. Photo of Sean Bean

    Sean Bean Voice

  7. Photo of Simon McBurney

    Simon McBurney Voice

  8. Photo of Tommy Tiernan

    Tommy Tiernan Voice

  9. Photo of Maria Doyle Kennedy

    Maria Doyle Kennedy Voice

  10. Photo of Jon Kenny

    Jon Kenny Voice

  11. Photo of John Morton

    John Morton Voice

  12. Photo of Bruno Coulais

    Bruno Coulais Music

  13. Photo of Stéphane Roelants

    Stéphane Roelants Producer

  14. Photo of Nora Twomey

    Nora Twomey Producer

  15. Photo of Paul Young

    Paul Young Producer

  16. Photo of Richie Cody

    Richie Cody Editing

  17. Photo of Darren T. Holmes

    Darren T. Holmes Editing

  18. Photo of Darragh Byrne

    Darragh Byrne Editing