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  1. Photo of Pablo Trapero

    Pablo Trapero Director, Screenplay, Editing, and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Alejandro Fadel

    Alejandro Fadel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Martín Mauregui

    Martín Mauregui Screenplay

  4. Photo of Santiago Mitre

    Santiago Mitre Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ricardo Darín

    Ricardo Darín Cast

  6. Photo of Jérémie Renier

    Jérémie Renier Cast

  7. Photo of Martina Gusman

    Martina Gusman Cast

  8. Photo of Federico Barga

    Federico Barga Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Jakob

    Walter Jakob Cast

  10. Photo of Mauricio Minetti

    Mauricio Minetti Cast

  11. Photo of Raul Ramos

    Raul Ramos Cast

  12. Photo of Pablo Gatti

    Pablo Gatti Cast

  13. Photo of Guillermo Nieto

    Guillermo Nieto Cinematography

  14. Photo of Michael Nyman

    Michael Nyman Music

  15. Photo of Juan Pedro de Gaspar

    Juan Pedro de Gaspar Production Design

  16. Photo of Alejandro Cacetta

    Alejandro Cacetta Producer

  17. Photo of Juan Pablo Galli

    Juan Pablo Galli Producer

  18. Photo of Juan Gordon

    Juan Gordon Producer

  19. Photo of Juan Vera

    Juan Vera Producer

  20. Photo of Andrés P. Estrada

    Andrés P. Estrada Editing

  21. Photo of Nacho Ruiz Capillas

    Nacho Ruiz Capillas Editing

  22. Photo of Leandro de Loredo

    Leandro de Loredo Sound

  23. Photo of Marisa Urruti

    Marisa Urruti Costume Design