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  1. Saikat Banerjee's rating of the film Volcano

    Now You Know Vova Used Glue To Stick The Spoon To His Face. Well, Perspectively Directed & Shot. It Shows The Inner Situation Between Ukraine & Russia, Besides Two Countries' Dissensions, Cultures & Backgrounds. While Watching The Film, It Came On My Mind, Always Carry An Axe If You Have Russian Friends, I Heard This Dialogue In A Film But Can't Remember Which One It Was, Altho I Don't Agree With This Statement.

  2. Gokhan Simsek's rating of the film Volcano

    Beautiful visuals with a lot of symbolism and political commentary. Maybe not the strongest plot, but that’s what makes it work. There’s no end goal, story doesn’t progress, you’re stranded in this Kafkaesque narrative with Lucas.

  3. Irmak Akoglu's rating of the film Volcano

    Starting from the first plan it has magnificent shots. It annoyingly pulls you inside the surreal world of the movie. Even it could need some background info to be fully understood, it doesn't prevent you to feel all the emotions of the forgotten land.

  4. Erik F.'s rating of the film Volcano

  5. Nicole's rating of the film Volcano

    I like this kind of absurdist little movie, i think i would've found it even more funny if i was a tad smarter.

  6. Alex Meire's rating of the film Volcano

    A few interesting sequences and potential themes. But too heavy, solemn and disperse to digest. Undue seams at sight are tried to be made up with through style exercise, which only takes it so far.

  7. Ricardo's rating of the film Volcano

    This is an incredibly beautiful film, with amazing shot selection and cinematography. However, it mostly falls short as the absurd story it supposedly is, not really setting or mainting any given tone, sometimes being rather too serious or too gleeful in not quite the right moments.

  8. Soumik's rating of the film Volcano

    The story didn't lead anywhere even though the cinematography is really good.

  9. aam's rating of the film Volcano

  10. Tom Huertas Pedreros's rating of the film Volcano

    Los primeros 15-20 minutos no lo atrapan completamente a uno, pero después de esto la pregunta de qué pasará luego lo conecta. Tiene unas bellas imágenes y el surrealismo funciona de vez en cuando. El problema es que la combinación de este surrealismo con el "humor seco" no combina bien en muchas ocasiones.

  11. Rolf_'s rating of the film Volcano

    This movie kept me wondering "what's coming next". Highly unpredictable but stylistically very much appreciated. I would be looking for somebody to explain the meaning of some of these strange scenes/events in the movie, as it's a bit difficult to grasp.

  12. Alex's rating of the film Volcano

    It may take me some time to figure out why it was so enjoyable, funny and compelling to watch terrible, bizarre and wonderful things happen to a very urban guy in very rural Ukraine. That it was is a credit to Bondarchuk's (and his team's) sensibilities and execution. I think the sky and the land should both receive cast credits for their role in this film.

  13. Tuelay Tuncel's rating of the film Volcano

  14. tubbssw's rating of the film Volcano

    A refreshingly different screenplay with lovely touches of quirky humour and satire.

  15. FRIEDRICH VON PÉREZ's rating of the film Volcano

  16. Aedin Walsh's rating of the film Volcano

  17. Luzia Johow's rating of the film Volcano

  18. rociof's rating of the film Volcano

    El protagonista busca refugio, y lo encuentra, pero de manera inesperada.

  19. Jerro's rating of the film Volcano

    I love the opening shot of this movie, but after that it quickly becomes a case of form over content. My mind wandered all over the place trying to grasp the story, from political thriller to Ukraine Deliverance to one of the “people acting strange” episodes of The Twilight Zone. Powerful images, but it didn’t work as a whole for me.

  20. Tuğçe Erman's rating of the film Volcano

  21. fosilyaşam's rating of the film Volcano

  22. Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Volcano

    Incredible, ambient sound design and stunning dream-like cinematography make this film worth watching. The storyline, however, is what you’d expect from a typical festival-bait clichéd film: a deserted area with filth and uneducated locals who don’t appreciate the newcomer aka harbinger of civilization. Ukraine is a diverse and beautiful European country, which is much more than the blackish caricature shown here.

  23. tomgladwell's rating of the film Volcano

    Very interesting and ultimately moving.

  24. nica's rating of the film Volcano

    Starts with a haunting, eerie intro and then proceeds into this absurdist comedy. It becomes too bleak for me at times, but I understand the subject matter is nothing light. It becomes this unique mix of bizarre and haunting by the end.

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