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  1. Photo of Ruben Fleischer

    Ruben Fleischer Director

  2. Photo of Scott Rosenberg

    Scott Rosenberg Screenplay and Story

  3. Photo of Kelly Marcel

    Kelly Marcel Screenplay

  4. Photo of David Michelinie

    David Michelinie Screenplay

  5. Photo of Todd McFarlane

    Todd McFarlane Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jeff Pinkner

    Jeff Pinkner Story and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy Cast

  8. Photo of Riz Ahmed

    Riz Ahmed Cast

  9. Photo of Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams Cast

  10. Photo of Jenny Slate

    Jenny Slate Cast

  11. Photo of Melora Walters

    Melora Walters Cast

  12. Photo of Reid Scott

    Reid Scott Cast

  13. Photo of Woody Harrelson

    Woody Harrelson Cast

  14. Photo of Matthew Libatique

    Matthew Libatique Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ludwig Goransson

    Ludwig Goransson Music

  16. Photo of Oliver Scholl

    Oliver Scholl Production Design

  17. Photo of Avi Arad

    Avi Arad Producer

  18. Photo of Amy Pascal

    Amy Pascal Producer

  19. Photo of Matthew Tolmach

    Matthew Tolmach Producer

  20. Photo of Maryann Brandon

    Maryann Brandon Editing

  21. Photo of Alan Baumgarten

    Alan Baumgarten Editing

  22. Photo of Kelli Jones

    Kelli Jones Costume Design