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  1. Photo of Ken Loach

    Ken Loach Director

  2. Photo of Nell Dunn

    Nell Dunn Screenplay and Lyrics

  3. Photo of Carol White

    Carol White Cast

  4. Photo of Geraldine Sherman

    Geraldine Sherman Cast

  5. Photo of Vickery Turner

    Vickery Turner Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Selby

    Tony Selby Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Standing

    Michael Standing Cast

  8. Photo of Ray Barron

    Ray Barron Cast

  9. Photo of Rita Webb

    Rita Webb Cast

  10. Photo of Hilda Barry

    Hilda Barry Cast

  11. Photo of Jessie Robins

    Jessie Robins Cast

  12. Photo of Elizabeth Valentine

    Elizabeth Valentine Cast

  13. Photo of Ronald Alexander

    Ronald Alexander Cast

  14. Photo of Sheila Grant

    Sheila Grant Cast

  15. Photo of Winifred Dennis

    Winifred Dennis Cast

  16. Photo of Winifred Sabine

    Winifred Sabine Cast

  17. Photo of Myrtle Mackenzie

    Myrtle Mackenzie Cast

  18. Photo of Sidney Gatcum

    Sidney Gatcum Cast

  19. Photo of Cleo Sylvestre

    Cleo Sylvestre Cast

  20. Photo of Adrienne Frame

    Adrienne Frame Cast

  21. Photo of Doreen Herrington

    Doreen Herrington Cast

  22. Photo of Grace Dolan

    Grace Dolan Cast

  23. Photo of George Sewell

    George Sewell Cast

  24. Photo of George Webb

    George Webb Cast

  25. Photo of Margaret Flint

    Margaret Flint Cast

  26. Photo of Ann Lancaster

    Ann Lancaster Cast

  27. Photo of Rose Howlett

    Rose Howlett Cast

  28. Photo of Frank Jarvis

    Frank Jarvis Cast

  29. Photo of George Tovey

    George Tovey Cast

  30. Photo of Alec Coleman

    Alec Coleman Cast

  31. Photo of Alan Selwyn

    Alan Selwyn Cast

  32. Photo of Ben Howard

    Ben Howard Cast

  33. Photo of Rita Smythe

    Rita Smythe Cast

  34. Photo of Ronald Clarke

    Ronald Clarke Cast

  35. Photo of James Haswell

    James Haswell Cast

  36. Photo of Will Stampe

    Will Stampe Cast

  37. Photo of David Baxter

    David Baxter Cast

  38. Photo of Richard James

    Richard James Cast

  39. Photo of Nick Edmett

    Nick Edmett Cast

  40. Photo of Emmett Hennessy

    Emmett Hennessy Cast

  41. Photo of Gilly Fraser

    Gilly Fraser Cast

  42. Photo of Susan Hanson

    Susan Hanson Cast

  43. Photo of Ann Mitchell

    Ann Mitchell Cast

  44. Photo of Anthony Woodruff

    Anthony Woodruff Cast

  45. Photo of Julie May

    Julie May Cast

  46. Photo of Terri Ansell

    Terri Ansell Cast

  47. Photo of Wally Patch

    Wally Patch Cast

  48. Photo of Gladys Dawson

    Gladys Dawson Cast

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