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  1. Salman Farisi Prasad's rating of the film Unrelated

    The mumblecore British of the upper and the middle class is an uncomfortable true-life film you felt at the time you are being unsecret in the stage. Joanna Hogg is a woman filmmaker who always seems to touch such a theme like Mike Leigh: the depicting family and its reality. Particularly, the movie prevails at the dynamic. The steady and subtle visual between each line is one of the well-beloved frames at best.

  2. Briana White's rating of the film Unrelated

    I was pulled in by the real under budget aspect of the film. Under budget meaning not clouded by Hollywood scenery that over shadows the story. The film kept a since of authenticity. I was impressed by how simple yet elegant everything felt within the film. Everything shown had meaning and added to the story

  3. Matt Lockwood's rating of the film Unrelated

    Joanna Hogg really let me down with this seemingly pro-bourgeois upper class jerk off fest.

  4. Johan Aurik's rating of the film Unrelated

  5. bettycelorrio's rating of the film Unrelated

    Un momento crucial en la vida de una mujer, su sufrimiento y deseo de una nueva oportunidad. Excelente fotagrafia y muy bien filamada la vida cotidiana.

  6. Kuja's rating of the film Unrelated

    The protagonist's moral and existential weakness is exhausting. Please, dear, go read The Mother of All Questions, by Rebecca Solnit.

  7. Luke Malta's rating of the film Unrelated

    Movies that show us that sometimes to see the good side of your achievements, all we need to do is to put our lives in an different perspective

  8. josé neves's rating of the film Unrelated

  9. Thomas K.'s rating of the film Unrelated

  10. neuroza's rating of the film Unrelated

    I've found other Hogg films stiff and self-absorbed but with this one I could sense a youthful energy and optimism from the filmmaker in her approach. She brilliantly portrays the regret and depression one might feel upon realizing life had past them by.

  11. Caio's rating of the film Unrelated

    White people problems

  12. Yash Goyal's rating of the film Unrelated

    The film grew on me when Worth finally realizes her missed opportunities to what she learnt was indelibly important in life. The moment she reveals her predicament to her friend, she realizes how time has gone. Time never waits. That scene is truly gut-wrenching if you actualize the importance of childbearing for her when she has observed first-hand that family's all you got, despite heated quarrels and fights.

  13. dionysus67's rating of the film Unrelated

    A cracking debut from Hogg with a deceptively simple plot but one which pays life's fleeting encounters their due. This is not a simple attainment given the film's reliance on naturalistic acting, which works wonders as each glance, smile, gesture and word transpires desires, vulnerabilities, coveted relationships. The cast of upper class characters is uniformly excellent but Worth and Hiddleston glow across Tuscany.

  14. szcamposvillalobos's rating of the film Unrelated

  15. miles's rating of the film Unrelated

    Catching the liminal space of a holiday, with emotional baggage carried in but not worn, sitting there in the "suitcase" while the new foreign place, holiday home, italian countryside and city allow an illusion of escape, Everything is still there, in a kind of limbo while sun, booze and time collapse on themselves and shades of existential dissatisfaction creep out

  16. Mari Louise Berge's rating of the film Unrelated

  17. Cainan's rating of the film Unrelated

    Uma espécie de novela da vida real, o desfecho nem sempre é aquilo que queremos no primeiro instante, mas certamente é uma surpresa, do ponto de vista pessoal. Criar novos significados, viver experiencias e voltar a rotina sendo uma pessoa melhor.

  18. öz's rating of the film Unrelated

    Kadın yönetmen ve menapoz hikayesi hmmm çok bağlantılı(!)

  19. getgirdler's rating of the film Unrelated

    Wonderful debut from Hogg that infuses its Tuscan setting with anxious alienation and bottled-up sadness.

  20. julien.hanin1999's rating of the film Unrelated

  21. filip's rating of the film Unrelated

    too slow, nothing going on.

  22. alvin leong's rating of the film Unrelated

    Only slightly preferable , if you somehow enjoy Hogg's insensitive and egocentric navel-gazing - to The Souvenir or Exhibition. Archipelago is still the only film of hers that successfully approaches anything like universal and bearable personalities, people you could like without suffering their middle-class pretensions....

  23. Gavanavich's rating of the film Unrelated

    I really enjoyed it, acting was sometimes cringeworthy but for me that just added a touch of realism to the film. Makes me want to go on holiday, all that summer haze.

  24. Barbegrys's rating of the film Unrelated

    Not a fan of these characters but as a craft piece this was well made.

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