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  1. Photo of Vítor Alves

    Vítor Alves Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Vanessa Sousa Dias

    Vanessa Sousa Dias Director, Editing, and Producer

  3. Photo of Carlos Pereira

    Carlos Pereira Director

  4. Photo of Graça Castanheira

    Graça Castanheira Self

  5. Photo of Luís Urbano

    Luís Urbano Self

  6. Photo of António-Pedro Vasconcelos

    António-Pedro Vasconcelos Self

  7. Photo of Luís Miguel Oliveira

    Luís Miguel Oliveira Self

  8. Photo of Manuel Mozos

    Manuel Mozos Self

  9. Photo of Jorge Silva Melo

    Jorge Silva Melo Self

  10. Photo of João Bénard da Costa (Duarte de Almeida)

    João Bénard da Costa (Duarte de Almeida) Self

  11. Photo of Joaquim Sapinho

    Joaquim Sapinho Self

  12. Photo of Paulo Rocha

    Paulo Rocha Self

  13. Photo of Saguenail

    Saguenail Self

  14. Photo of Regina Guimarães

    Regina Guimarães Self

  15. Photo of João Canijo

    João Canijo Self

  16. Photo of João Botelho

    João Botelho Self

  17. Photo of João Rui Guerra da Mata

    João Rui Guerra da Mata Self

  18. Photo of João Pedro Rodrigues

    João Pedro Rodrigues Self

  19. Photo of Marco Martins

    Marco Martins Self

  20. Photo of Possidónio Cachapa

    Possidónio Cachapa Self

  21. Photo of Miguel Valverde

    Miguel Valverde Self

  22. Photo of Rita Azevedo Gomes

    Rita Azevedo Gomes Self

  23. Photo of Manuela Viegas

    Manuela Viegas Self

  24. Photo of João Lopes

    João Lopes Self

  25. Photo of João Salaviza

    João Salaviza Self

  26. Photo of Gabriel Abrantes

    Gabriel Abrantes Self

  27. Photo of Cláudia Varejão

    Cláudia Varejão Self

  28. Photo of Marta Simões

    Marta Simões Cinematography

  29. Photo of Pedro Sousa

    Pedro Sousa Cinematography

  30. Photo of Ana Da Costa

    Ana Da Costa Producer

  31. Photo of Beatriz Tomaz

    Beatriz Tomaz Editing

  32. Photo of Jorge Jácome

    Jorge Jácome Editing and Director

  33. Photo of Miguel Cipriano

    Miguel Cipriano Editing and Director

  34. Photo of Levi Martins

    Levi Martins Editing and Director

  35. Photo of João Ganho

    João Ganho Sound