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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Antares Rising's rating of the film Ukrainian Sheriffs

    2.5. Meandering without much focus, but after seeing Volcano, I was eager to dig a little deeper into Bondarchuk. If nothing else, Ukrainian Sheriffs gives some context to the the more recent film, particularly the impact of Russia's war and separarist sympathizers on life in a southern Ukrainian village.

  2. ihor's rating of the film Ukrainian Sheriffs

    An observance of the mundane and at time ridiculous existence of daily life in a rather backward Ukrainian village as Ukraine falls into revolution and war. The focus is broadly on a array of characters that are found and their broader existence within their community, but this is largely captured in unconnected fragments that give hints of their nature yet nothing more.

  3. xrystyna's rating of the film Ukrainian Sheriffs

    It has a potential of Dardenne-style movie; but choses an easier path