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  1. Ale Chuchuan's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Delicado e sensível o filme apresentado pelo diretor Fabio Meira, a dupla das atrizes que fazem as Irenes são formidáveis e seus personagens deixam o filme mais leve, porém o assunto é uma crítica ao machismo, onde um homem mantém duas famílias na mesma cidade, a qual possui filhas da mesma idade e com o mesmo nome, fazendo com que o segredo seja descoberto quando ambas se tornam amigas. Um bom filme do cinema novo.

  2. Mauricio Bispo's rating of the film Two Irenes

    A beautiful film about friendship, teenage years and the power of sorority. I really liked it.

  3. easternicko's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Se solo avesse avuto qualche picco drammatico...maronn.

  4. Luca's rating of the film Two Irenes

  5. matteo carini's rating of the film Two Irenes

    the innocent sexuality reminds me of nabokov/kubrick's lolita before we realize she's actually more mature than we expect her to be. well played contrast between a young adolescent girl's fantasies and nonsensical whims and the rigidity and dull mindsets of a well-off brasilian family. the color palette of certain southamerican movies get to be so characteristic

  6. Massimo's rating of the film Two Irenes

    It's not perfect in the script but there's a beauty and a grace in it

  7. m.barcaro's rating of the film Two Irenes

  8. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Two Irenes

    It is a very interesting story and a very good pacing of the script. It's unfortunate that the director chose aesthetic and kept himself and the viewer at a distance from the characters. Everything looks very pretty, well framed and edited but feels so devoid of emotion.

  9. dannyjp1981's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Delicate, impressive film that very cleverly and subtely explores the two "Irenes" differences (physically, personality-wise, even social-economically) and their similarities, and is also about their sweet, realistic friendship. There is no grandstanding or major revelations yet the film does feel revelatory in its depiction of teenage everyday life and the beautifully simple ending is wonderful.

  10. Alex Meire's rating of the film Two Irenes

  11. lostlevel's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Every so often MUBI delivers a real gem. This is a beautiful, tender and charming film. I was enjoying the aesthetic so much I found myself enjoying even the interstitial shots between scenes that built the sense of place.

  12. Thomas's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Absolutely charming little film. Sweet, sensitive and summery, with a nice payoff I didn't see coming. Very capably directed and Bittencourt is mesmerising as the lead.

  13. Ana Gazdeliani's rating of the film Two Irenes

  14. chris's rating of the film Two Irenes

  15. Iulian's rating of the film Two Irenes

  16. Carina Simões's rating of the film Two Irenes

  17. Ramon Colom's rating of the film Two Irenes

    3,5*. Muy elegante, Aparentemente sencilla pero mucho más compleja. La fotografia, la puesta en escena y la interpretación son delicadas

  18. BHASKAR's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Interesting drama depicting the trials of a young girl finding her double in her hometown. It reflects the innate desire in us humans to seek for our one self in another living receptacle of emotions and desires. One would not feel satisfied until we seek an outlet valve for our own feelings and traits. We find it in another, and what better than finding your own replica in a human imprint.

  19. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Doesn't use the idea of a second identity/double as well as many other movies, but Two Irenes is still not a bad outing from writer-director Fabio Meira, largely thanks to the performances from Priscilla Bittencourt and Isabela Torres as the titular Irenes.

  20. I.Camera's rating of the film Two Irenes

    A fascinating debut in which two half-sisters with the same bigamist father discover the truth of their double life. For one Irene this forms a challenge to the patriarchal order of her well-to-do, bourgeois life; for the other Irene, it exposes her secondary social status. The cinematography and use of widescreen is excellent, with the positioning of the Irenes in each scene representing their transforming status.

  21. tubbssw's rating of the film Two Irenes

    The father of two families has a great life surrounded by wives, daughters and a maidservant all at his beck and call. However, you shouldn't underestimate a couple of 13-year-olds. Well done girls!

  22. Juhi Jotwani's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Lovely. Extremely Lovely. The laughter of both Irenes brings life to the work. The adventures and heartbreaks of two young women are sensitively explored. A very atmospheric and sweet cinematic experience that ends with a boom.

  23. Praneet's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Very nice movie with an unexpected ending.

  24. Justin's rating of the film Two Irenes

    Well-shot and directed with diverse scene setups. The camera provides an eclectic array of shots, angles, framings and movements, giving your eyes much to appreciate throughout the film. Great child performances, and a different, nuanced take on the arrogant, sleazy patriarchal figure. However, Meira superficially scratches at the emotional depth the characters and context should provide.

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