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  1. Photo of Jason Reitman

    Jason Reitman Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron Cast and Producer

  3. Photo of Mackenzie Davis

    Mackenzie Davis Cast

  4. Photo of Ron Livingston

    Ron Livingston Cast

  5. Photo of Mark Duplass

    Mark Duplass Cast

  6. Photo of Elaine Tan

    Elaine Tan Cast

  7. Photo of Gameela Wright

    Gameela Wright Cast

  8. Photo of Eric Steelberg

    Eric Steelberg Cinematography

  9. Photo of Anastasia Masaro

    Anastasia Masaro Production Design

  10. Photo of Diablo Cody

    Diablo Cody Producer and Screenplay

  11. Photo of A.J. Dix

    A.J. Dix Producer

  12. Photo of Jason Cloth

    Jason Cloth Executive Producer

  13. Photo of David Gendron

    David Gendron Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Ali Jazayeri

    Ali Jazayeri Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Ron McLeod

    Ron McLeod Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Andrew Pollack

    Andrew Pollack Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Dale Wells

    Dale Wells Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Dana E. Glauberman

    Dana E. Glauberman Editing