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  1. Photo of Duncan Tucker

    Duncan Tucker Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Felicity Huffman

    Felicity Huffman Cast

  3. Photo of Kevin Zegers

    Kevin Zegers Cast

  4. Photo of Elizabeth Peña

    Elizabeth Peña Cast

  5. Photo of Fionnula Flanagan

    Fionnula Flanagan Cast

  6. Photo of Graham Greene

    Graham Greene Cast

  7. Photo of Burt Young

    Burt Young Cast

  8. Photo of Carrie Preston

    Carrie Preston Cast

  9. Photo of Grant Monohon

    Grant Monohon Cast

  10. Photo of Stephen Kazmierski

    Stephen Kazmierski Cinematography

  11. Photo of David Mansfield

    David Mansfield Music

  12. Photo of Dolly Parton

    Dolly Parton Music

  13. Photo of Rene Bastian

    Rene Bastian Producer

  14. Photo of Sebastian Dungan

    Sebastian Dungan Producer

  15. Photo of Linda Moran

    Linda Moran Producer

  16. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Pam Wise

    Pam Wise Editing