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  1. nessmj's rating of the film Tower

    3.5 - very strong first full length - the camera almost entirely resting on Derek's face, often cutting and taking another position with the initial cut out of focus. a view that is very connected to a character who is very disconnected both from himself and from societal norms. a strange inspection of those who live as outsiders and how this person in particular floats through life.

  2. Warren Spratley's rating of the film Tower

    The tone & narrative structure of TOWER push toward misdeed, violation of some sort. Simultaneously, Radwanski privileges energy dedicated 2 psychological hesitancy & aimlessness. The mise-en-scene is nearly non-existent: abrupt jump cuts, relentless close-ups & mediums, no real establishing shots, primarily constructive editing. What does society do w/ those without drive, distinction, or determination of any kind?

  3. lisa's rating of the film Tower

    this is like realism taken to a depressing extreme... so uncomfy. weird and cool to see toronto as a backdrop! special mentions: st joe's caf i've been eating in for 23 years, guy on the platform at spadina singing about harper, main character nodding along to 'no games' alone in his room

  4. Nathanael Draper's rating of the film Tower

    I don't think I would have had the same appreciation for it if I wasn't Canadian. There's not a lot going on in terms of plot. But it does possess a strange magnetic quality and features characters one is not accustomed to seeing on film.

  5. 2multo's rating of the film Tower

    The in your face, home movie feel adds to the reality of this uncomfortableness. The disturbing, ongoing shakiness, and one dimensional shooting style forces us to see Derek honestly, even though we want to ignore him, look away, not accept that we all know people like him. He's not a hero or handsome, but a person bored with family & friends. No escapist fantasy here, just honest and gritty realism. And it's enough.

  6. Furio Spinosi's rating of the film Tower

    Interesting. The raccoon thing is obviously a metaphor for him not being able to change his life. He just leaves the animal in the house and he flees. That's what most people do with issues in their lives, he's just an exaggerated depiction of that. I don't even think he's got Asperger. He seems to be able to socialize and do a lot of stuff, yet he still doesn't have any interest in life.

  7. DrFirestone's rating of the film Tower

    Absolutely great, minimalistic acting and intriguing main character. Nice music. Definitely not for everyone, it's more like a glimpse into someone's life rather than a fully fledged story.

  8. innersmiff's rating of the film Tower

    A movie about that creepy 30-ish guy lurking around the bar. It's OK to make a film about a loser, if we either see him try to get out of his situation or we understand some of the external factors that put him in that situation. Tower does neither and so long before its non-ending frustrates us totally.

  9. Friday Malone's rating of the film Tower

    So many good things, so many bad things. On the one hand, I've never seen this character on the screen before. On the other hand, nothing changes and nothing is said with this film. Even for a slice of life movie, it shows nothing. A slice of not-life?

  10. Vedra's rating of the film Tower

    surprisingly good. convincing performance. absorbing...

  11. muse_x's rating of the film Tower

    Dude's so daft, he's hardcore! Got 3/4 through. Dreadful camera work, yo!

  12. David R Williams's rating of the film Tower

    So I forced myself to sit through 36 minutes of this before turning it off. I started thinking of turning it off about 15-20 minutes in. I was sick of Derek's face, sick of his attitude and sick of his inarticulateness. I don't need to like a character but I do need to at least find them interesting in some fashion. Nothing here but surface rendered in relentless searching close ups - with nothing to find.

  13. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Tower

    Made by a filmamker who refuses the challenge of composition. The movie is a series of shaky handheld camera work while following the actor and closeups of faces in shallow depth of field. Wouldn't hurt to be cinematic.

  14. Ross McElwain's rating of the film Tower

  15. raggiodisole's rating of the film Tower

    We all know a Derek, awkwardly fascinating. Great performance, less than enjoyable, but strangely watchable

  16. EdieMaas's rating of the film Tower

    There's something unique about Radwanski's approach that really does deserve more than 2(.5) stars. A film as unpleasantly awkward as its protagonist, but never exploitative, exploring the character with an unmerited depth of grace... eliciting empathy, almost against the viewer's will, via uncomfortable, visceral close-ups and other impositions of intimacy. Like a nice & well-intended but unwanted, onerous gift.

  17. irises's rating of the film Tower

    aptly pathetic. a great and cutting introduction to Why I Hate Toronto. I stand au contraire to some harsh reviews: don't confuse the problem with its depiction.

  18. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Tower

    It seems all of the reviews are correct. A quick, and pretty good, film. What is lacks in "direction," it makes up for sincerity. Definitely worth the 80 minutes.

  19. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Tower

    Shot in voyeuristic style, matches the embarrassing nature of the subject, someone who isn't capable of seeing what he seems like to others. Quite absorbing and a little cringe making but isn't that the nature of the subject.

  20. TwelfthMonkey's rating of the film Tower

    Awfully dull. The premise sounded interesting but the film left me feeling emotionally void. He's such a dull and uninteresting character. Good performance by the racoon though.

  21. David.A.P.D's rating of the film Tower

    An honest depiction of sociability issues.

  22. Franczeska Gniadkowski's rating of the film Tower

  23. Ezra Winton's rating of the film Tower

    Fresh filmmaking techniques and a stellar first showing for this Canadian filmmaker. the writing leaves a little to be desired however...Amazing twist at the end makes up for that, it would seem.

  24. Chunkino's rating of the film Tower

    Awkward yes...and rightfully so. I have met people like this and what I enjoy about the film is that it takes a bit more into the main character's life. Many of us have run into people like this in social events and it felt as if I had no choice but be bound to one for the entire length of the film. Great writing and acting.

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