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  1. Photo of Aki Kaurismäki

    Aki Kaurismäki Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble

    Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble Self

  3. Photo of Atte Blom

    Atte Blom Self

  4. Photo of Twist-Twist Erkinharju

    Twist-Twist Erkinharju Self

  5. Photo of Ben Granfelt

    Ben Granfelt Self

  6. Photo of Sakke Järvenpää

    Sakke Järvenpää Self

  7. Photo of Sakari Kuosmanen

    Sakari Kuosmanen Self

  8. Photo of Jore Marjaranta

    Jore Marjaranta Self

  9. Photo of Ekke Niiva

    Ekke Niiva Self

  10. Photo of Pemo Ojala

    Pemo Ojala Self

  11. Photo of Silu Seppälä

    Silu Seppälä Self

  12. Photo of Mauri Sumén

    Mauri Sumén Self

  13. Photo of Kirsi Tykkyläinen

    Kirsi Tykkyläinen Self

  14. Photo of Mato Valtonen

    Mato Valtonen Self

  15. Photo of Heikki Ortamo

    Heikki Ortamo Cinematography

  16. Photo of B. Alexandrov

    B. Alexandrov Music

  17. Photo of Tipe Johnson

    Tipe Johnson Music

  18. Photo of Timo Linnasalo

    Timo Linnasalo Editing