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  1. Photo of Isabelle Stever

    Isabelle Stever Director, Editing, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maria Furtwängler

    Maria Furtwängler Cast

  3. Photo of Mehmet Sözer

    Mehmet Sözer Cast

  4. Photo of Barbara Bouchet

    Barbara Bouchet Cast

  5. Photo of Jim Broadbent

    Jim Broadbent Cast

  6. Photo of Dorka Gryllus

    Dorka Gryllus Cast

  7. Photo of Anne von Keller

    Anne von Keller Cast

  8. Photo of Christoph Rath

    Christoph Rath Cast

  9. Photo of Michael A. Grimm

    Michael A. Grimm Cast

  10. Photo of Louis Friedemann Thiele

    Louis Friedemann Thiele Cast

  11. Photo of Fredderik Collins

    Fredderik Collins Cast

  12. Photo of Elshan Salami

    Elshan Salami Cast

  13. Photo of Yuki Iwamoto

    Yuki Iwamoto Cast

  14. Photo of Klaus Biederstaedt

    Klaus Biederstaedt Cast

  15. Photo of Nadeem Srouji

    Nadeem Srouji Cast

  16. Photo of Leanne Katkhuda

    Leanne Katkhuda Cast

  17. Photo of Phillip Kaminiak

    Phillip Kaminiak Cinematography

  18. Photo of Milena Fessmann

    Milena Fessmann Music

  19. Photo of Alexander Scherer

    Alexander Scherer Production Design

  20. Photo of Frank Evers

    Frank Evers Producer

  21. Photo of Jörg Schulze

    Jörg Schulze Producer

  22. Photo of Ingmar Trost

    Ingmar Trost Producer

  23. Photo of Oliver Neumann

    Oliver Neumann Editing

  24. Photo of Francisco Abarquero Fernandez

    Francisco Abarquero Fernandez Sound

  25. Photo of Tobias Fleig

    Tobias Fleig Sound

  26. Photo of Noemi Hampel

    Noemi Hampel Sound

  27. Photo of Falah Hannoun

    Falah Hannoun Sound

  28. Photo of Jörg Klaussner

    Jörg Klaussner Sound

  29. Photo of Klaus Oesterwind

    Klaus Oesterwind Sound

  30. Photo of Peter Roigk

    Peter Roigk Sound

  31. Photo of Martin Steyer

    Martin Steyer Sound

  32. Photo of Ute Paffendorf

    Ute Paffendorf Costume Design

  33. Photo of Severin Koerber

    Severin Koerber Art Department

  34. Photo of Patrick Lebrun

    Patrick Lebrun Art Department

  35. Photo of Pit Schnell

    Pit Schnell Art Department

  36. Photo of Maria Schöpe

    Maria Schöpe Art Department

  37. Photo of Kathrin-Elisa Stumm

    Kathrin-Elisa Stumm Art Department

  38. Photo of Andrea Weitz

    Andrea Weitz Art Department

  39. Photo of Sven Winter

    Sven Winter Art Department

  40. Photo of Walter Just

    Walter Just Visual Effects

  41. Photo of Bernhard Näther

    Bernhard Näther Visual Effects