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  1. Photo of Bob Weis

    Bob Weis Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Philip Dalkin

    Philip Dalkin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Garry McDonald

    Garry McDonald Cast

  4. Photo of Kim Gyngell

    Kim Gyngell Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Collingwood

    Peter Collingwood Cast

  6. Photo of Jonathan Hardy

    Jonathan Hardy Cast

  7. Photo of Roderick Williams

    Roderick Williams Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Little

    Mark Little Cast

  9. Photo of Roy Baldwin

    Roy Baldwin Cast

  10. Photo of Alex Menglet

    Alex Menglet Cast

  11. Photo of Tony Rickards

    Tony Rickards Cast

  12. Photo of Simon Thorpe

    Simon Thorpe Cast

  13. Photo of Wynn Roberts

    Wynn Roberts Cast

  14. Photo of Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman Cast

  15. Photo of Henry Maas

    Henry Maas Cast

  16. Photo of Chris Haywood

    Chris Haywood Cast

  17. Photo of Kirk Alexander

    Kirk Alexander Cast

  18. Photo of Stephen Kearney

    Stephen Kearney Cast

  19. Photo of Neill Gladwin

    Neill Gladwin Cast

  20. Photo of Colin Hay

    Colin Hay Cast

  21. Photo of Nino Gaetano Martinetti

    Nino Gaetano Martinetti Cinematography

  22. Photo of Paul Grabowsky

    Paul Grabowsky Music

  23. Photo of Red Symons

    Red Symons Music

  24. Photo of Tracy Watt

    Tracy Watt Production Design

  25. Photo of Margot McDonald

    Margot McDonald Producer

  26. Photo of Edward McQueen-Mason

    Edward McQueen-Mason Editing

  27. Photo of Steve Burgess

    Steve Burgess Sound

  28. Photo of Rose Chong

    Rose Chong Costume Design

  29. Photo of Karen Merkel

    Karen Merkel Costume Design