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  1. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Ankur

    When the Indian upper caste, with their feudalist, capitalist, selfish, pseudo-liberal, hypocritical, bourgeois lifestyle have to deal with people whom they’ve until now been oblivious towards and never cared about. On guilt and “what will people think”. Caste, masculinity, and patriarchy are so ingrained in Indian culture. An excellent, powerful ending. Strong acting by Shabana Azmi.

  2. 張大智's rating of the film Ankur

    A feast of gorgeous pastel colors, compositions and screaming sitars make this ideally paced, touching film an undisputed masterpiece. The kind of movie that makes you fall in love with something new and wets your appetite for cinema. Can not wait to see more Benegal, and anything available from India's golden age. Nothing but love for this beauty. Highly recommended.

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