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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Ankur

    On est fort éloigné de l'habituel déferlement bigarré et vibrant de danses et de chansons si fréquent dans les productions cinématographiques indiennes de l'époque, pour se retrouver dans une constante et diffuse remise en question des structures même de la société hindoue avec ses pesantes coutumes héréditaires et patriarcales drainant injustice et asservissement, pour une poignée de nantis millénaires...

  2. Gio's rating of the film Ankur

    Socially interesting . It is a good depiction of castes in India , misoginism supported by religion and archaic traditions . I thought that it was well directed too . Really worth watching

  3. dionysus67's rating of the film Ankur

    A beautifully shot drama on India's rigid caste system and the double injustices suffered by women. Benegal captures the farm in subtly modest color compositions, balancing Azmi's gorgeous face and posture, as she is filmed through doors and windows, with long shots of the green fields. Rituals like public shaming are movingly rebuked and the narcissistic, seemingly educated, landlord's son is superbly 'castrated'.

  4. Adolgarcia's rating of the film Ankur

    Loved the way characters are depicted, the plot, its subtleness, its atmosphere. It shows the unjustices of the caste system and machism in India in the 50s, but also universal and timeless themes such as cowardly, hypocresy, responsibility, dignity...

  5. Natalie Hitoun's rating of the film Ankur

    I loved this powerful and well made and acted film about a lower cast woman who is poorly treated by her landowner and the local villagers. A story thoroughly rooted in time and place. I felt as if I was was there in India in the early nineteen seventies.

  6. Agent 007's rating of the film Ankur

    One of the best performances by Shabana Azmi. You are absolute Beauty.

  7. Jan's rating of the film Ankur

    A great film about how India's caste system comes to be reproduced even by those who claim they "don't believe in caste." Shabana Azmi is luminous on screen, and Benegal knows how to make use of it. The finale, especially Azmi's monologue, is powerful and cathartic.

  8. getgirdler's rating of the film Ankur

    Poetic and well-paced insight into the class/caste/gender issues of 1970s India.

  9. Daniele Cinemaniaco's rating of the film Ankur

    Bellissimo film neorealista indiano che racconta un paese che solo a parole si vorrebbe emancipare dal passato, ma che invece è schiavo della tradizione, delle caste, della disuguglianza e dei ruoli di genere. Ma dietro è possibile intravedere molta umanità, capace di piccoli grandi gesti e grandi meschinità.

  10. josé neves's rating of the film Ankur

    The magnificent final frame exemplifies what the film lacks: rupture, impact, explosion. Everything is filmed in a well composed way that fiction doesn't ask for or justify. Plot points pass at cruising speed.

  11. coffeeandfilm's rating of the film Ankur

    A peek through the caste system and patriarchy, this film showcased capitalism/feudalism, social injustice and gender politics. Even with these complex themes, Ankur is an easily digestible film. The last scene is revolutionary!

  12. Erlösung's rating of the film Ankur

    Benegal approaches the themes of social normativity in a convincing way, by emphasizing the elusiveness and pervasiveness of traditional law. A desire not conforming to the established order brings forth misfortune. The scent of traditionalism is evident in 'Ankur', but also a subtle critique of the shortness of moral autonomy/egoism, which disrupts a community's delicate balance and introduces conflict.

  13. Guilherme's rating of the film Ankur

    one more good movie from India... congrats MUBI for the selection... an emotional portrait of the reality... and, god, how she is beautiful!...

  14. Juancho's rating of the film Ankur

    Colorata e poetica la composizione delle immagini di vita campestre indiana. Straordinarie bellezza, compostezza e dignità della protagonista nell'affrontare le difficoltà che le si presentano.

  15. Quattro's rating of the film Ankur

    Great work on the relationships between characters and with their social context – subtle enough to build believable arcs, without ever feeling intrusive. The plot is basically the same old story, but the nuanced screenplay and the smooth pacing make it flow effortlessly. Shabana Azmi doing things has alone more charm than most movies. Wonderful, pastel-colored cinematography.

  16. Xtapodi's rating of the film Ankur

    In a delicate atmosphere where colours and sounds fuse together, we see a particular form of evil developing throughout the film.In the duplicity and uselessness of the young rich man, who cannot and does not want to escape his social status, we see an even more brutal nature than the one he belongs to.

  17. Andre Balestri's rating of the film Ankur

    The one who's supposed to be more open and not attached to wrong habits still belongs to a social cast. Guilt and "shame culture" are explosive, especially when you have the power.

  18. lesminho's rating of the film Ankur

  19. Tvpiniqvim's rating of the film Ankur

    Ser tocado por um filme desse jeito é uma coisa rara nesses tempos de filmes block busters. A fotografia lindíssima, a atuação memorável. E a beleza desse rosto captado de forma tão singela pode distrair sem dúvida dos temas profundos que o filme aborda: a estupidez e soberba das classes ricas, o machismo tão enraizado que ninguém mais questiona. Aqui no Brasil não temos castas porém as diferenças sociais são as mesm

  20. tostoinu's rating of the film Ankur

  21. Léon's rating of the film Ankur

    Le conformisme peut détruire

  22. jiorjioss's rating of the film Ankur

    Despite this coming from a time and culture far removed from western culture of today, greatness is earned if it manages to transcend cultural boundaries and make the viewer feel something. The main problem with this film is that the characters are so unlikable (little master especially) that you hardly feel any sympathy for any of them. On the plus side, cinematography is great and the final scene genius.

  23. Liz's rating of the film Ankur

    No subtitles. Not in English. I was looking forward to this movie, sadly. Very disappointed.

  24. Wise Guys's rating of the film Ankur

    It was supposed to be 4/5 Actually. But the last shot is worth a point, a mark, a star.. Worth everything!