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  1. Photo of Manoel de Oliveira

    Manoel de Oliveira Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul Claudel

    Paul Claudel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Parsi

    Jacques Parsi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luís Miguel Cintra

    Luís Miguel Cintra Cast

  5. Photo of Patricia Barzyk

    Patricia Barzyk Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Consigny

    Anne Consigny Cast

  7. Photo of Anne Gautier

    Anne Gautier Cast

  8. Photo of Bernard Alane

    Bernard Alane Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bernard

    Jean-Pierre Bernard Cast

  10. Photo of Marie-Christine Barrault

    Marie-Christine Barrault Cast

  11. Photo of Isabelle Weingarten

    Isabelle Weingarten Cast

  12. Photo of Henri Serre

    Henri Serre Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Yves Berteloot

    Jean-Yves Berteloot Cast

  14. Photo of Catherine Jarret

    Catherine Jarret Cast

  15. Photo of Anny Romand

    Anny Romand Cast

  16. Photo of Franck Oger

    Franck Oger Cast

  17. Photo of Jean Badin

    Jean Badin Cast

  18. Photo of Elso Roque

    Elso Roque Cinematography

  19. Photo of João Paes

    João Paes Music

  20. Photo of Zé Branco

    Zé Branco Production Design

  21. Photo of António Casimiro

    António Casimiro Production Design

  22. Photo of Eduardo Filipe Jr.

    Eduardo Filipe Jr. Production Design

  23. Photo of Luís Monteiro

    Luís Monteiro Production Design

  24. Photo of José-Luís Oliveira

    José-Luís Oliveira Production Design

  25. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  26. Photo of Janine Martin

    Janine Martin Editing

  27. Photo of Joaquim Pinto

    Joaquim Pinto Sound