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  1. Photo of Melisa Liebenthal

    Melisa Liebenthal Director, Self, Screenplay, and Editing

  2. Photo of Victoria D'Amuri

    Victoria D'Amuri Self

  3. Photo of Camila Magliano

    Camila Magliano Self

  4. Photo of Josefina Roveta

    Josefina Roveta Self

  5. Photo of Michelle Sterzovsky

    Michelle Sterzovsky Self

  6. Photo of Lucas Perez Sosto

    Lucas Perez Sosto Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ángeles Otero

    Ángeles Otero Music

  8. Photo of Eugenia Campos Guevara

    Eugenia Campos Guevara Producer and Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Sofia Mele

    Sofia Mele Editing and Self

  10. Photo of Marcos Canosa

    Marcos Canosa Sound