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The Portuguese Woman

A Portuguesa

Directed by Rita Azevedo Gomes
Portugal, 2018
Out Of This World: The Cinema of Rita Azevedo Gomes


The newly married wife of Lord von Ketten is determined to make her husband’s family abode, an inhospitable castle in Italy, into a home. When he sets off to battle, staying away for eleven long years, she carves out a life for herself—reading, singing, dancing, swimming, and riding in the forest.

Our take

We’re thrilled to open our focus on Portuguese luminary Rita Azevedo Gomes and her sublime cinema of artifice with one of her latest marvels. This 16th century tale of a woman’s torpor, based on a Robert Musil novella, comes to life through theatrical splendour and striking, painterly compositions.

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Critics reviews

Maybe A Woman’s Revenge and The Portuguese Woman are the extreme points of Azevedo Gomes’ world: Woman Vanquished and Woman Triumphant—with all the rest in-between, an ever-different mix of impressions and expressions, defeats and glories.
August 04, 2020
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Rita Azevedo Gomes’ seventh feature is a work of undeniable maturity and cinematic richness.
February 15, 2019
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The Portuguese Woman is rich and varied in its characters, and sophisticated in its challenging dialogue, which is peppered with references to great works of art, literature and mysticism.
November 16, 2018
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