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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Quattro's rating of the film Mandi

    Enjoyable throughout thanks to the great choral cast, the sublime music and the colorful and gentle on the eye cinematography. The take on its subject is impressively nuanced and modern. A few scenes could have been cut down a bit, and in some others there was a tad too much screaming for my ears; overall, the duration is my only drawback. At times it reminded me of Kawashima's Bakumatsu taiyôden, in a good way.

  2. Siddhartha's rating of the film Mandi

    Nasuruddin's pinnacle performance along with Shabana Azmi's charm and salacious and unhurried melodrama makes it one of the best in Indian cinema.

  3. olivia's rating of the film Mandi

    One of Benegal's finest films with a pitch perfect cast. An effective portrait of urban development, gentrification as well as the hypocrisy of various authority figures, particularly the supposed women's rights activist Shanti Devi.

  4. AKASH GUPTA's rating of the film Mandi

    Benegal's work at its stylistic best with perhaps the most outstanding ensemble of actors playing some immensely empowered characters and great cinemat and screenplay

  5. r.prasad006's rating of the film Mandi

    Yet another good one from Benegal ,this movie would be poor without Shabana and Naseeruddin Shah

  6. udaykanth's rating of the film Mandi

    Oh my god! What don't I love about this film!! The sensitive gaze on sex-workers, and women in general is much ahead of its time. You can make the same movie today changing nothing and it would still work. I loved the cast (just perfect across the board) and cinematography. The colours, the costumes, the sets, the 1980s Hyderabad with its Dakhani Urdu - everything comes together so beautifully.

  7. pepoire's rating of the film Mandi

    A non-creepy film about brothel life feels like a rarity, let alone one as complex, funny, raw, sprawling, and visually stunning as Mandi. I don't know why it took me so long to start watching Shyam Benegal films, considering he seems to consistently cast tons of my favourite character actors - Mandi being no exception here. So good!