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  1. Photo of Robert Eggers

    Robert Eggers Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Max Eggers

    Max Eggers Screenplay

  3. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson Cast

  5. Photo of Valeriia Karaman

    Valeriia Karaman Cast

  6. Photo of Jarin Blaschke

    Jarin Blaschke Cinematography

  7. Photo of Mark Korven

    Mark Korven Music

  8. Photo of Craig Lathrop

    Craig Lathrop Production Design

  9. Photo of Rodrigo Teixeira

    Rodrigo Teixeira Producer

  10. Photo of Lourenco Sant'Anna

    Lourenco Sant'Anna Producer

  11. Photo of Jay Van Hoy

    Jay Van Hoy Producer

  12. Photo of Youree Henley

    Youree Henley Producer

  13. Photo of Chris Columbus

    Chris Columbus Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Eleanor Columbus

    Eleanor Columbus Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Sophie Mas

    Sophie Mas Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Arnon Milchan

    Arnon Milchan Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Yariv Milchan

    Yariv Milchan Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Caito Ortiz

    Caito Ortiz Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Josh Peters

    Josh Peters Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Michael Schaefer

    Michael Schaefer Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Alan Terpins

    Alan Terpins Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Louise Ford

    Louise Ford Editing

  23. Photo of Damian Volpe

    Damian Volpe Sound

  24. Photo of Mariusz Glabinski

    Mariusz Glabinski Sound

  25. Photo of Jonathan Asselin

    Jonathan Asselin Animation

  26. Photo of Linda Muir

    Linda Muir Costume Design

  27. Photo of Gary Coates

    Gary Coates Special Effects

  28. Photo of Mark Rappaport

    Mark Rappaport Visual Effects