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  1. bryanvmh's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    A man with unmistakable talents and the type of outsized ego that often accompanies said talents must be unseen to be exceptional. To be caught, found out, to have to look at your own shadow, makes living unbearable and impossible. Claude Rains was never sexier than he is right after you can see his skull. More a dark comedy than a horror movie, but so technically audacious it has to be considered a genre piece.

  2. Chris DeFalco's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    The special effects are incredible.

  3. Jawad A.'s rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Here we go gathering nuts in May, Nuts in May, nuts in May, Here we go gathering nuts in May On a cold and frosty morning (WHOOPS)

  4. mehoKnicks's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Des effets spéciaux vraiment bluffant et surprenant pour l'époque, une excellente interprétation de l'ensemble du casting et une histoire très agréable à suivre. Voici quelques atouts de ce film mythique de James Whale qui marquera des tas de cinéphiles, mais qui s'avère malheureusement bien trop court, a peine 1H10 ce qui est fort dommage car le scénario aurait mériter d'être un peu plus étoffer.

  5. Sebastiano Lombardo's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    For the first time in a leading role, under the sparkling direction of James Whale Claude Rains is simply unforgettable. Thanks to his voice he creates a remarkable schizophrenic characterization of H.G. Wells eponymous anti-hero. There are many funny moments but the irreverent, harmful humour is like a basso continuo, and cloaks the entire film in a sinister veil.

  6. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    There’s never been a good dramatic vision of the Wellsian monster. Even in this original, themes center on basic normalcies merely about the monster’s afflicted god complex. An idea good for fun, yet with childish humor here, nor does it have what makes it tragic and human—loss of the id. Other films have understood it’s about loss of the self and saw in it a tale of redemption or bleak horror, for varying results.

  7. Paolo Utili's rating of the film The Invisible Man

  8. I.Camera's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Claude Rains is the undoubted star in a film that is perhaps too occupied with its special effects premise. There are too many scenes of Laurel and Hardy-style pratfalls involving dopey policemen, which sit awkwardly against Rains's malevolent, shrieking, Klaus Kinski-like rants about power and control. Within the first great era of horror, it's probably on the B-list, but even a middleweight Whale is worth watching.

  9. Renan Magalhães Almeida's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Um dos melhores filmes que vi nas sessões de terror no bosque do Sesc! Os efeitos continuam fodas até hoje e o filme é muito divertido

  10. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    THE INVISIBLE MAN is one of my favorite entry in Universal's Monsters series. The visual effect is still spectacular although it's been more than 80 years old. The VFX stands against the test of time. The storytelling maybe sounds overdramatic and some characters maybe has an unrealistic characterization. But... isn't it the beauty of a classic movie? THE INVISIBLE MAN also showed the skillful direction from Whale...

  11. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    3.5/5 - Thoroughly engaging as a black comedy, with Rains' take on Jake Griffin prancing around with copious amounts of sass and derangement, laughing his socks off and raising hell wherever he went. This is layered on top of a pretty standard romantic drama and a character motivation that feels completely half-baked by today's standards, but the devilish energy of the homonymous Invisible Man keeps it all afloat.

  12. En Sangers Bøn (Philippe)'s rating of the film The Invisible Man

    This one figures among James Whale most accomplished and distinctive films next to Frankenstein. This is visually interesting for its time and the simplistic but efficient story reveals one facet about human nature, its will power, the corrupted self. As for Frankenstein it does not restitue the substance of the book but a fine and entertaining film with a futuristic view about Platon myth of the gyges ring.

  13. El Biffo's rating of the film The Invisible Man

  14. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    James Whale can do no wrong. The Invisible Man is frequently laugh-out loud funny, genuinely unnerving and surprisingly moving. From a technical perspective, this is a stunning achievement (still got no idea how they did some shots), and as entertainment this is stellar. Rains' performance is high camp, yet scary and poignant. Just look at extravagant way he points. One of the best Universal monster features.

  15. FISCHER's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Des trucages époustouflants !

  16. ceknklsn's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    72/100 (Kısa olduğu için özellikle seçtim ancak filmin kısa olması en büyük problemlerden biri oldu. Sonu oldukça aceleye getirilmiş, hele ki her şey çok iyi giderken. Hem tahmin edilebilir hem basit. Ancak film geri kalanında 85 yıl önceye göre özel efektleriyle ve senaryodaki mantığa verdiği özenle büyüledi. Yine de bu sonuna rağmen filmin anlamı daha önemli ve sert olsaydı 80 vermemek içten bile değildi.)

  17. Bob's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    From the opening scene that is set in the middle of the blizzard, there's a sinister sense of doom that lingers. It's darker than "Dracula" or "Frankenstein", and in its pre-code spirit, it's closer to "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Freaks". Most of the special effects still hold pretty well even for today's standards. But Claude Rains is the main star and an ultimate villain for which the viewer can sympathize.

  18. Ethan's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Claude Rains is absolutely brilliant in a performance we don't even see him in. James Whale delivers a very energetic and fun film that is a special kind of sinister.

  19. Louis Léonard's rating of the film The Invisible Man

  20. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Still the best "Invisible Man" production that has ever been made. A lot of good dialogue throughout the movie. Great effects that were copied in every "invisible film" till CGI arrived and even if his presence consist mostly of his voice, Claude Rains has a magnetic presence even more impressive since it is his debut movie role - his evil laugh is priceless.

  21. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    3-4. Claude Rains really makes the title character, as does the magnificent effects work, even when certain bits strain physical credulity (really, is he telekinetic?). The movie rather quickly takes on a minimal scope when the title character takes a single hostage, whose protection is the focus of the film. I'm back and forth on whether the movie's themes about corruption of scientific power land. But it's fun.

  22. pintobean's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    That slow, unraveling reveal still packs a bit of a punch almost 90 years later.

  23. Terry_Moby's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    Entertaining and amazing effects. Rains' vocal performace is impressive, but Gloria Stuart is hard to endure.

  24. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Invisible Man

    when i want to feel invisible but without murderous intentions, i just put dark big sunglasses on

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