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  1. Photo of James Whale

    James Whale Director

  2. Photo of R.C. Sherriff

    R.C. Sherriff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Preston Sturges

    Preston Sturges Screenplay

  4. Photo of Philip Wylie

    Philip Wylie Screenplay

  5. Photo of H.G. Wells

    H.G. Wells Novel

  6. Photo of Claude Rains

    Claude Rains Cast

  7. Photo of Gloria Stuart

    Gloria Stuart Cast

  8. Photo of William Harrigan

    William Harrigan Cast

  9. Photo of Henry Travers

    Henry Travers Cast

  10. Photo of Una O'Connor

    Una O'Connor Cast

  11. Photo of Forrester Harvey

    Forrester Harvey Cast

  12. Photo of Holmes Herbert

    Holmes Herbert Cast

  13. Photo of E.E. Clive

    E.E. Clive Cast

  14. Photo of Dudley Digges

    Dudley Digges Cast

  15. Photo of Harry Stubbs

    Harry Stubbs Cast

  16. Photo of Donald Stuart

    Donald Stuart Cast

  17. Photo of Merle Tottenham

    Merle Tottenham Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Adair

    Robert Adair Cast

  19. Photo of Ted Billings

    Ted Billings Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Brennan

    Walter Brennan Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Brower

    Robert Brower Cast

  22. Photo of John Carradine

    John Carradine Cast

  23. Photo of D'Arcy Corrigan

    D'Arcy Corrigan Cast

  24. Photo of Jack Deery

    Jack Deery Cast

  25. Photo of Dwight Frye

    Dwight Frye Cast

  26. Photo of Mary Gordon

    Mary Gordon Cast

  27. Photo of Bobbie Hale

    Bobbie Hale Cast

  28. Photo of Stuart Hall

    Stuart Hall Cast

  29. Photo of Tiny Jones

    Tiny Jones Cast

  30. Photo of Violet Kemble Cooper

    Violet Kemble Cooper Cast

  31. Photo of Crauford Kent

    Crauford Kent Cast

  32. Photo of Paul Kruger

    Paul Kruger Cast

  33. Photo of John Merivale

    John Merivale Cast

  34. Photo of Monte Montague

    Monte Montague Cast

  35. Photo of Jack Montgomery

    Jack Montgomery Cast

  36. Photo of Charles Morton

    Charles Morton Cast

  37. Photo of Bob Reeves

    Bob Reeves Cast

  38. Photo of Jack Richardson

    Jack Richardson Cast

  39. Photo of Tom Ricketts

    Tom Ricketts Cast

  40. Photo of Kathryn Sheldon

    Kathryn Sheldon Cast

  41. Photo of Emma Tansey

    Emma Tansey Cast

  42. Photo of Jameson Thomas

    Jameson Thomas Cast

  43. Photo of Leo White

    Leo White Cast

  44. Photo of Bert Young

    Bert Young Cast

  45. Photo of Arthur Edeson

    Arthur Edeson Cinematography

  46. Photo of John J. Mescall

    John J. Mescall Cinematography and Visual Effects

  47. Photo of Heinz Roemheld

    Heinz Roemheld Music

  48. Photo of Carl Laemmle Jr.

    Carl Laemmle Jr. Producer

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