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The Grand Bizarre

Directed by Jodie Mack
United States, 2018
  • Silent
  • No subtitles


A rapid-fire eye-popping and ear-pleasing study of textile patterns around the world. Filmed over five years, in fifteen countries, Mack places textiles against surprising backgrounds, editing the imagery to a homemade pop soundtrack.

Our take

From MUBI regular Jodie Mack comes a tour de force, sui generis globetrotting textile documentary in the form of a 16mm abstract animated (and musical!) feature. An entrancing experience that is as much about the creation and circulation of fabric as it’s about the pure pleasure of color and design.

The Grand Bizarre Directed by Jodie Mack
Mack’s feature debut is a dazzling, bountiful spree. Yards beyond what she has done before, the colorful fabrics and textiles of her shorter works are here inventively superimposed on an array of domestic and public settings to uncanny effect—as if the world itself has undergone refurbishing.
October 03, 2018
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Driven by a homemade soundtrack that locates a heretofore unrealized intersection between hip-hop, chiptune, and synth-pop, The Grand Bizarre tackles lofty themes at an intimate scale, imbuing familiar forms with a subtle but incisive sociopolitical force.
September 07, 2018
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Mack is playfully butting up against the boundaries of her own cinema; the movie is constantly re-inventing the rules for how you should perceive it, for how you might adjust to its utterly unique rhythms. It’s Jodie Mack’s everything movie.
August 13, 2018
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