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  1. Photo of Hugh Gladwish

    Hugh Gladwish Director, Story, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roger Dunton

    Roger Dunton Screenplay and Story

  3. Photo of Spencer Davis Group

    Spencer Davis Group Cast

  4. Photo of Spencer Davis

    Spencer Davis Cast

  5. Photo of Muff Winwood

    Muff Winwood Cast

  6. Photo of Steve Winwood

    Steve Winwood Cast

  7. Photo of Pete York

    Pete York Cast

  8. Photo of Nicholas Parsons

    Nicholas Parsons Cast

  9. Photo of Sheila White

    Sheila White Cast

  10. Photo of Lorne Gibson

    Lorne Gibson Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Howard

    Arthur Howard Cast

  12. Photo of Joan Ingram

    Joan Ingram Cast

  13. Photo of Tony Sympson

    Tony Sympson Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Haig

    Jack Haig Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Langley

    Robert Langley Cast

  16. Photo of Emmett Hennessy

    Emmett Hennessy Cast

  17. Photo of Helen Ford

    Helen Ford Cast

  18. Photo of Kathleen Heath

    Kathleen Heath Cast

  19. Photo of Elizabeth Gott

    Elizabeth Gott Cast

  20. Photo of Virginia Clay

    Virginia Clay Cast

  21. Photo of Ann Wrigg

    Ann Wrigg Cast

  22. Photo of Bernard Stone

    Bernard Stone Cast

  23. Photo of Janet Davies

    Janet Davies Cast

  24. Photo of Huw Thomas

    Huw Thomas Cast

  25. Photo of Acker BIlk

    Acker BIlk Cast

  26. Photo of Dave Berry

    Dave Berry Cast

  27. Photo of The Three Bells

    The Three Bells Cast

  28. Photo of Jim Ed Brown

    Jim Ed Brown Cast

  29. Photo of Peter Hendry

    Peter Hendry Cinematography

  30. Photo of George Stevens

    George Stevens Cinematography

  31. Photo of Joan Shakespeare

    Joan Shakespeare Music

  32. Photo of Derek Warne

    Derek Warne Music

  33. Photo of Harry Field

    Harry Field Producer

  34. Photo of Lionel Hoare

    Lionel Hoare Producer

  35. Photo of Ronald Glenister

    Ronald Glenister Editing

  36. Photo of George Newberry

    George Newberry Sound

  37. Photo of Trevor Pyke

    Trevor Pyke Sound

  38. Photo of Nancy Hanna

    Nancy Hanna Animation

  39. Photo of Keith Learner

    Keith Learner Animation

  40. Photo of Vera Linnecar

    Vera Linnecar Animation

  41. Photo of Peter Moll

    Peter Moll Art Department

  42. Photo of Denys Palmer

    Denys Palmer Choreography