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  1.'s rating of the film The Fly

    Re-evaluated 10/20. The Fly is simply phenomenal, by far and away Cronenberg's best work (and he's made his fair share of A+ films). It's simultaneously dangerous, sad, humane, terrifying and absolutely crazy, a romantic horror with a 50's heritage, boasting unrivalled special effects and a heart-pounding, practically Hollywood-esque final act. Jeff Goldblum delivers a difficult, nuanced performance as one half..

  2. cristodicarta's rating of the film The Fly

  3. sior Vanni's rating of the film The Fly

    This film has got it all. It recalls some classic 'Frankenstein,' full nostalgia for the original movie, body horror to match 'The Thing,' pathos in line with 'Elephant Man,' abortion as a topical issue, an allegory for addiction, great acting, a sexy chest, tongue-in-cheek humor! ... My only issue is that there's not nearly enough trash piled up by the end and Brundle never expresses interest in eating excrement.

  4. Duncan Gray's rating of the film The Fly

    I could have lived happily without ever seeing Jeff Goldblum's acid vomit attack, but then I would have missed one of the smartest, saddest horror films of the 80s. It's almost classical—a reverent Frankenstein myth, with studio echoes of Universal Horror. But with Goldblum as its geeky heart and Cronenberg dissecting the joy and fear of having a body, its fusion of offbeat humor, gore, and tragedy is so much more.

  5. Aybram Malouf's rating of the film The Fly

    great film, love the vibe... ambiguous meaning. wow. gets a bit gross but I find that adds to the horrifying grittiness and reality to what he's feeling....

  6. Chiwanku's rating of the film The Fly

    I would've wished for it not to have that 80s-aesthetic and to stand on it's own feet much more.

  7. Victor Fernandez's rating of the film The Fly

    Melhores efeitos visuais que eu já vi

  8. Bodybuilder93's rating of the film The Fly

  9. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film The Fly

    It’s with irony that the most mainstream of Cronenberg’s body-horror subversions is his best. The Fly is a more signature classic Universal Monster tragedy than even those early films were—and uninhibited by censors, politeness, and early f/x—since it mixes in many emotional tones more successfully, while building its grotesque horror with increasing sizzle, until it terrifies and breaks your heart with its outcome.

  10. x_michael_x's rating of the film The Fly

    'The Fly' is thrilling 1980s body horror with a complex emotional core. The true surprise is Geena Davis' ability to balance so many emotions - fear, love, anguish, regret, horror - in one look. Maybe extra ten minutes would have been beneficial to tie up a few character arcs, but Cronenberg's strong sense of character development and B-movie thrills propel 'The Fly' towards its inevitable freakish conclusion.

  11. Jose Manuel S's rating of the film The Fly

    A love letter from the 80s! Sci-Fi & Drama and good music ;)

  12. Rafael Dutra Dumangin Paes's rating of the film The Fly

  13. Pedro Ferreira's rating of the film The Fly

    Mais emotivo do que esperado, mas isso contribui para o impacto.

  14. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film The Fly

    Kind of amazing how many tones The Fly is able to handle. From sweet romance to disgusting body horror and a devastating emotional climax which brought me to tears, it shifts modes easily and winningly. Can't help but see this as a metaphor for AIDS despite Cronenberg's efforts so maybe that's part of the reason this wrecked me a little bit. Davis and Goldblum are great, hated the other guy. He deserved worse.

  15. Isabella Heron's rating of the film The Fly

  16. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film The Fly

    Published after 4 years DNA made world news, the short story this movie is based upon, just as the movie itself, are celebrations on science fiction ingenuity and imagination. Not only the makeup artistry is outstanding as the egg-shaped telepods and computer screens look very cool too. Goldblum and Davis terrific acting invoke a deep human revisit to Kafkaesque feelings updating them and extending their symbolism.

  17. ñiñiñi's rating of the film The Fly

    me parecería tan buena si se ahorraran lo del mono

  18. Shiv Kammadari's rating of the film The Fly

    Unbelievable. Because this film seems like a literal and a mythical tale. It slowly turns into the most feverish, repulsive and horrifying nightmare. The transformation of Seth into another species itself exaggerates the journey of him becoming less and less human. Like a Metamorphosis. Brilliant technical filmmaking and writing.A tighter script & few scene changes in first 30min would have made this a landmark film.

  19. Ronja's rating of the film The Fly

  20. Diogo Aço's rating of the film The Fly

  21. enkii__bilal's rating of the film The Fly

  22. Sarah Smith's rating of the film The Fly

    This film is a masterpiece!

  23. Stefano Campagna's rating of the film The Fly

  24. Bob's rating of the film The Fly

    A tragic love story and a terrifying body horror; and it hits all the right marks on both accounts. It also successfully blends them together where culmination of the one is also a culmination of the other. And it's really tragic to see one's declension to the level of the creature that knows no compassion, nor compromise. But it's terrifying to know that beneath all that still lies a human.

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