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  1. Luis Enrique's rating of the film The Fever

    A fantastic film that portrays through the life of an individual how the life of the indigenous population tries to connect with the modern world. In the life of the protagonist, two worldviews collide and they try to keep a logic in everyday life. It has a fantastic direction and a brilliant cast. Excellent work.

  2. Inês Moreira Santos's rating of the film The Fever

  3. adugobiri's rating of the film The Fever

    Impecable. La actuación, la realización, el guión (por ahí, Pedro Cesarino). Silencio, latencia: el sueño, el canto, los espiritus del bosque. La fiebre.

  4. Karel's rating of the film The Fever

    There is a certain drowsiness inside the film that evokes the general feeling of the main character. It would be easy to highlight his alienation, but Da-Rin does it - I think - very modest. A close-up of a tree just that little too long. Giving too short replies to the HR-persons intimidating questions. Just little moments of awkwardness, that feeling of not-fitting in and not knowing why.

  5. Giulio Base's rating of the film The Fever

    What a good and unexpected debut film! The massive face of the leading actor fills every frame with power. And the newcomer director knows perfectly her art of moviemaking.

  6. Jose Antonio's rating of the film The Fever

  7. Juan's rating of the film The Fever

  8. Chiwanku's rating of the film The Fever

    Didn't catch me at all. Bar the stunning opening sequence, most of the film felt staged, undercooked and in general muddled. Sound design and light were wonderful and the actors did their best. I just felt it was missing a certain spark. A spark, that seemed promised by the opening.

  9. Ben's rating of the film The Fever

  10. Pok's rating of the film The Fever

    Su estética documental resalta el realismo en una trama que no está exenta de elementos fantásticos. Muestra con precisión el aislamiento de las comunidades indígenas, forzadas a formar parte del Brasil "oficial" cuyo sistema los excluye sistémicamente y cuya gente infringe micro-racismos en ellos. A la gente blanca se le olvida que hay otras formas de pensar, sentir y curar, que su color de piel no les da la razón.

  11. EdieMaas's rating of the film The Fever

    Understated and compelling, with Regis Myrupu as the embodiment of this force, of the film's quiet, moving, awareness, dignity and strength. May Jair Bolsonaro's government burn as the rainforest and its people do, under his watch. 3.75

  12. Alkisti's rating of the film The Fever

    Myrupu's force on screen is incredible--from his calm facial certainty when he is telling a story to his restless sleeping body. Through Myrupu, Da-Rin closely follows the Indigenous peoples attempts to adapt in the white Brazilian society, a perilous endeavour channeled through expropriation, microagression, and the negation of major aspects of the Indigenous cultural identity. Bleakly poetic.

  13. tubbssw's rating of the film The Fever

    It is very low key - the characters are believable and so is the life situation portrayed in the screenplay. A quiet study of ethnic and generational differences.

  14. taygavrl's rating of the film The Fever

    Film beyazlar tarafından yazılıp çekilmiş olsa da konuyu bu perspektiften anlatan başka bir filmle karşılaşmamıştım daha önce. Kesinlikle daha akıcı olabilirmiş. İçinde durmaya çalıştığı gerçekçiliğin çok daha iyi örnekleri var Brezilya sinemasında. Yer yer durgunluklar var bir şeye hizmet etmeyip daha etkin kullanılabilecek olan. Yönetmenin belgesel kökeninden kaynaklı olabilir. Yine de izlenmeye değer kesinlikle.

  15. movieater's rating of the film The Fever

    A movie that is simultaneously soft and challenges our perceptions and senses.

  16. Nunox's rating of the film The Fever

  17. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film The Fever

    A warm and evocative portrait of alienation in the Brazilian Indigenous community, shown through subtle changes in the environment, racism and a general sense of discomfort. The movie boasts a great sound design in which the city and jungle sounds combat for Justino's (and our) attention.

  18. Camilo Alberto Cárdenas Poveda's rating of the film The Fever

    Un animal se esconde entre la selva y se camufla entre un diseño sonoro impecable. Después de ver esta película se siente una fiebre y una necesidad por la contemplación de la vida desde otras perspectivas que se ubiquen desde la periferia y que por eso mismo manan y reflejan parte de ese centro del mundo que es el pulmón amazónico y su cultura.

  19. Samuel Bron's rating of the film The Fever

    GREAT MOVIE! Reminds me of "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives"

  20. ufroilan's rating of the film The Fever

    A movie that understands the idiosyncrasies of Indigenous people from a non-white perspective (or at least a less white perspective).

  21. K Vidal's rating of the film The Fever

    Hermosa película. Las verdades del sacrificio en busca de la mejora de uno y de la familia. Me encantó la música. Hay forma de conseguirlo. Por esa razón vine hablar contigo Vine hablar contigo Vine con fuerza y coraje Con coraje y fuerza ve a Buscar lo que deseas Ve a buscarlo....

  22. Santiago Acosta's rating of the film The Fever

    Una hermosa película con fotografía muy poderosa, buen sonido y excelentes actuaciones. Me logró envolver en su ritmo hipnótico mientras veía el ciclo del protagonista repetirse y repetirse hasta que se rompe. Se siente verdaderamente mágica.

  23. miles's rating of the film The Fever

    Articulating a sense of walking in this world but not being of this world, inhabiting a space of dream and memory, through its protagonist a calmness and absence is allowed to occupy the central space, while the camera records precise surfaces of place and (non) event, every so often triggering moments of connnection where otherwise hidden beliefs and knowledge are allowed to surface & be articulated

  24. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film The Fever

    A masterful tale of how unheralded lives are filled with significance and universal lessons. Maya Da-Rin patiently and effortlessly weaves themes of family and 'civilization' into blend of documentary style reality and mysticism. Indigenous actor Regis Myrupu is astounding and heartbreaking. From the mythic to the quotidian, the director's feeling for her subject is in every shot, rich in metaphor and interpretation

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