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  1. Photo of John Boorman

    John Boorman Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Rospo Pallenberg

    Rospo Pallenberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Powers Boothe

    Powers Boothe Cast

  4. Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster Cast

  5. Photo of Yara Vaneau

    Yara Vaneau Cast

  6. Photo of William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez Cast

  7. Photo of Estee Chandler

    Estee Chandler Cast

  8. Photo of Charley Boorman

    Charley Boorman Cast

  9. Photo of Dira Paes

    Dira Paes Cast

  10. Photo of Eduardo Conde

    Eduardo Conde Cast

  11. Photo of Ariel Coelho

    Ariel Coelho Cast

  12. Photo of Mario Borges

    Mario Borges Cast

  13. Photo of Átila Iório

    Átila Iório Cast

  14. Photo of Gabriel Archanjo

    Gabriel Archanjo Cast

  15. Photo of Gracindo Júnior

    Gracindo Júnior Cast

  16. Photo of Arthur Muhlenberg

    Arthur Muhlenberg Cast

  17. Photo of Chico Terto

    Chico Terto Cast

  18. Photo of Ruy Polanah

    Ruy Polanah Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Helena Velasco

    Maria Helena Velasco Cast

  20. Photo of Tetchie Agbayani

    Tetchie Agbayani Cast

  21. Photo of Paulo Vinicius

    Paulo Vinicius Cast

  22. Photo of Aloisio Flores

    Aloisio Flores Cast

  23. Photo of Joao Mauricio Carvalho

    Joao Mauricio Carvalho Cast

  24. Photo of Isabel Bicudo

    Isabel Bicudo Cast

  25. Photo of Patricia Prisco

    Patricia Prisco Cast

  26. Photo of Silvana de Faria

    Silvana de Faria Cast

  27. Photo of Philippe Rousselot

    Philippe Rousselot Cinematography

  28. Photo of Brian Gascoigne

    Brian Gascoigne Music

  29. Photo of Junior Homrich

    Junior Homrich Music

  30. Photo of Simon Holland

    Simon Holland Production Design

  31. Photo of Edgar F. Gross

    Edgar F. Gross Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Ian Crafford

    Ian Crafford Editing

  33. Photo of Ron Davis

    Ron Davis Sound

  34. Photo of Gerry Humphreys

    Gerry Humphreys Sound

  35. Photo of Peter Marinker

    Peter Marinker Sound and Cast