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  1. Photo of Andrzej Żuławski

    Andrzej Żuławski Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Janusz Olejniczak

    Janusz Olejniczak Cast

  3. Photo of Marie-France Pisier

    Marie-France Pisier Cast

  4. Photo of Sophie Marceau

    Sophie Marceau Cast

  5. Photo of Noemi Nadelmann

    Noemi Nadelmann Cast

  6. Photo of Roman Wilhelmi

    Roman Wilhelmi Cast

  7. Photo of Grazyna Dylong

    Grazyna Dylong Cast

  8. Photo of Pavel Slaby

    Pavel Slaby Cast

  9. Photo of Redjep Mitrovitsa

    Redjep Mitrovitsa Cast

  10. Photo of Beatrice Buchholz

    Beatrice Buchholz Cast

  11. Photo of Serge Ridoux

    Serge Ridoux Cast

  12. Photo of Andrzej Jaroszewicz

    Andrzej Jaroszewicz Cinematography

  13. Photo of Vincenzo Bellini

    Vincenzo Bellini Music

  14. Photo of Jean-Vincent Puzos

    Jean-Vincent Puzos Production Design

  15. Photo of Marie-Laure Reyre

    Marie-Laure Reyre Producer

  16. Photo of Christian Ferry

    Christian Ferry Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Marie-Sophie Dubus

    Marie-Sophie Dubus Editing

  18. Photo of Magdalena Biernawska-Tesławska

    Magdalena Biernawska-Tesławska Costume Design