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  1. Photo of Paris Barclay

    Paris Barclay Director

  2. Photo of Ciaran Donnelly

    Ciaran Donnelly Director

  3. Photo of Ashley Way

    Ashley Way Director

  4. Photo of Billy Gierhart

    Billy Gierhart Director

  5. Photo of Kari Skogland

    Kari Skogland Director

  6. Photo of Kurt Sutter

    Kurt Sutter Screenplay and Cast

  7. Photo of Lee Jones

    Lee Jones Cast

  8. Photo of Katey Sagal

    Katey Sagal Cast

  9. Photo of Flora Spencer-Longhurst

    Flora Spencer-Longhurst Cast

  10. Photo of Sam Spruell

    Sam Spruell Cast

  11. Photo of Sarah Sweeney

    Sarah Sweeney Cast

  12. Photo of Danny Sapani

    Danny Sapani Cast

  13. Photo of Darren Evans

    Darren Evans Cast

  14. Photo of Timothy V. Murphy

    Timothy V. Murphy Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah Grace White

    Sarah Grace White Cast

  16. Photo of Elen Rhys

    Elen Rhys Cast

  17. Photo of Ethan Griffiths

    Ethan Griffiths Cast

  18. Photo of Stephen Moyer

    Stephen Moyer Cast

  19. Photo of Alec Newman

    Alec Newman Cast

  20. Photo of Ross O'Hennessy

    Ross O'Hennessy Cast

  21. Photo of Trevor Sellers

    Trevor Sellers Cast

  22. Photo of Matthieu Charneau

    Matthieu Charneau Cast

  23. Photo of Ed Sheeran

    Ed Sheeran Cast

  24. Photo of Matthew Rhys

    Matthew Rhys Cast

  25. Photo of Scroobius Pip

    Scroobius Pip Cast

  26. Photo of Tom Forbes

    Tom Forbes Cast

  27. Photo of Brían F. O'Byrne

    Brían F. O'Byrne Cast

  28. Photo of Martin McCann

    Martin McCann Cast

  29. Photo of Tom McKay

    Tom McKay Cast

  30. Photo of Felix Scott

    Felix Scott Cast