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  1. Photo of Kristoffer Nyholm

    Kristoffer Nyholm Director

  2. Photo of Niels Arden Oplev

    Niels Arden Oplev Director

  3. Photo of Anders Refn

    Anders Refn Director and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jørn Faurschou

    Jørn Faurschou Director

  5. Photo of Rumle Hammerich

    Rumle Hammerich Director

  6. Photo of Birger Larsen

    Birger Larsen Director

  7. Photo of Morten Arnfred

    Morten Arnfred Director

  8. Photo of Per Fly

    Per Fly Director

  9. Photo of Peter Thorsboe

    Peter Thorsboe Director and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Anders Rønnow Klarlund

    Anders Rønnow Klarlund Director

  11. Photo of Ole Christian Madsen

    Ole Christian Madsen Director

  12. Photo of Stig Thorsboe

    Stig Thorsboe Screenplay

  13. Photo of Adam Prince

    Adam Prince Screenplay

  14. Photo of Søren Sveistrup

    Søren Sveistrup Screenplay

  15. Photo of Hanna Lundblad

    Hanna Lundblad Screenplay

  16. Photo of Jesper Malmose

    Jesper Malmose Screenplay

  17. Photo of John Stefan Olsen

    John Stefan Olsen Screenplay

  18. Photo of Lone Scherfig

    Lone Scherfig Screenplay and Director

  19. Photo of Sveinbjörn I. Baldvinsson

    Sveinbjörn I. Baldvinsson Screenplay

  20. Photo of Lotte Tarp

    Lotte Tarp Screenplay

  21. Photo of Iben Gylling

    Iben Gylling Screenplay

  22. Photo of Dunja Gry Jensen

    Dunja Gry Jensen Screenplay

  23. Photo of Ole Meldgaard

    Ole Meldgaard Screenplay

  24. Photo of Nikolaj Scherfig

    Nikolaj Scherfig Screenplay

  25. Photo of Pernille Højmark

    Pernille Højmark Cast

  26. Photo of Zlatko Burić

    Zlatko Burić Cast

  27. Photo of Pia Vieth

    Pia Vieth Cast

  28. Photo of Jesper Lohmann

    Jesper Lohmann Cast

  29. Photo of Leif Sylvester

    Leif Sylvester Cast

  30. Photo of Peter Gantzler

    Peter Gantzler Cast

  31. Photo of John Hahn-Petersen

    John Hahn-Petersen Cast

  32. Photo of Margrethe Koytu

    Margrethe Koytu Cast

  33. Photo of Anders W. Berthelsen

    Anders W. Berthelsen Cast

  34. Photo of Peter Mygind

    Peter Mygind Cast

  35. Photo of Helene Egelund

    Helene Egelund Cast

  36. Photo of Trine Dyrholm

    Trine Dyrholm Cast

  37. Photo of Laura Christensen

    Laura Christensen Cast

  38. Photo of Torben Jensen

    Torben Jensen Cast

  39. Photo of Ann Eleonora Jørgensen

    Ann Eleonora Jørgensen Cast

  40. Photo of Jens Jørn Spottag

    Jens Jørn Spottag Cast

  41. Photo of Caroline Drasbæk

    Caroline Drasbæk Cast

  42. Photo of Lars Knutzon

    Lars Knutzon Cast

  43. Photo of Claus Bue

    Claus Bue Cast

  44. Photo of Tammi Øst

    Tammi Øst Cast

  45. Photo of Vibeke Ankjær

    Vibeke Ankjær Cast

  46. Photo of Søren Spanning

    Søren Spanning Cast

  47. Photo of Solbjørg Højfeldt

    Solbjørg Højfeldt Cast

  48. Photo of Henrik Larsen

    Henrik Larsen Cast

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