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  1. Photo of Clemens Klopfenstein

    Clemens Klopfenstein Director, Cinematography, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Serena Kiefer

    Serena Kiefer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dieter Fahrer

    Dieter Fahrer Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Max Rüdlinger

    Max Rüdlinger Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Franz Rickenbach

    Franz Rickenbach Screenplay and Editing

  6. Photo of Christine Lauterburg

    Christine Lauterburg Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Schacht

    Michael Schacht Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Gaugler

    Hans Gaugler Cast

  9. Photo of Danilo Galli

    Danilo Galli Cast

  10. Photo of Norbert Klassen

    Norbert Klassen Cast

  11. Photo of Jenny Rausnitz

    Jenny Rausnitz Cast

  12. Photo of Stefan Kurt

    Stefan Kurt Cast

  13. Photo of Valentina Croce

    Valentina Croce Cast

  14. Photo of Fabio Cantalupo

    Fabio Cantalupo Cast

  15. Photo of Philip Schaad

    Philip Schaad Cast

  16. Photo of Marianne Derendiger

    Marianne Derendiger Cast

  17. Photo of Ivan Seifert

    Ivan Seifert Sound