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  1. Photo of Andreas Dresen

    Andreas Dresen Director

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Wolfgang Kohlhaase Screenplay

  3. Photo of Inka Freidrich

    Inka Freidrich Cast

  4. Photo of Nadja Uhl

    Nadja Uhl Cast

  5. Photo of Andreas Schmidt

    Andreas Schmidt Cast

  6. Photo of Stephanie Schönfeld

    Stephanie Schönfeld Cast

  7. Photo of Christel Peters

    Christel Peters Cast

  8. Photo of Andreas Höfer

    Andreas Höfer Cinematography

  9. Photo of Pascal Comelade

    Pascal Comelade Music

  10. Photo of Susanne Hopf

    Susanne Hopf Production Design

  11. Photo of Natalja Meier

    Natalja Meier Production Design

  12. Photo of Stefan Arndt

    Stefan Arndt Producer

  13. Photo of Peter Rommel

    Peter Rommel Producer

  14. Photo of Jutta Frech

    Jutta Frech Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Jörg Hauschild

    Jörg Hauschild Editing