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  1. Gianni Romeo's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    The struggles of some ex-addicts in a rehab commune performed with alarming authenticity by a bunch of talented actors (Poulsen, Hendricks, Gross, Campbell above all others). Some writing ideas - such as the re-enactments of past trauma - are genius; minidv cinematography is terrific too. I'd have liked to see more about Hendricks and Gross' characters, I really enjoyed the sexual tension between them.

  2. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

  3. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    (3.5) Un encuadre claustrofóbico reforzado por una fotografía sucia, que consigue hacer la escenografía más sórdida y pesada. La marginalidad se potencia con los rituales psudo terapeúticos. La insistencia en una atmósfera colectiva, con decisiones absurdas confieren al filme mayor densidad, con lo que los espectadores estamos como los personajes: entre la adicción y la compulsión por las relaciones patológicas.

  4. Lorenzo Talone's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    Questo film prova, tentativo dopo l’atro, ad essere attraente, significante e profondo, ma non ci riesce. Come nel 90% dei film indipendenti, si intuisce l’intento, ma non arriva completamente.

  5. Irem Abacı's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    hell is other people. well said.

  6. phorlarbear's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    A house of hopeless’s hope. It’s feel so real and beautiful even if the story itself was more like a sad story. At least they’ve tried (the characters).

  7. Alex Meire's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    It succeeds with the atmosphere, but may well have been a 30, 40 min piece. Good title.

  8. Smarmolena's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    Not cynical, not banal, not senselessly dispersive. I don't understand the bad reviews here. I found this one to be very human, and its complexity was dued to the same difficulty experienced by the characters to rationalize the chaos they live. It's like we are with them, watching the recording of their "reenactment" in the effort to figure out what is really happening, so that the same mistakes will not be repeated.

  9. Francisco Gallardo Soto's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

  10. fgonzalezse's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

  11. berdagiberdagi's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    Komün hikayelerinde sürekli bir hayal kırıklığı var olmak zorundaymış gibi... Eninde sonunda birileri özgürlüğü kötüye kullanır ve kirlilik bir habis olarak yayılıp komünü yok eder...

  12. Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    É um filme que incomoda bastante e isso faz com que simpatia em relação aos interesses altruístas do roteiro quanto ao desamparo dos viciados em quaisquer drogas, mas o filme é problemático estrutural e formalmente: as interpretações são vagas, a despeito da entrega metalingüística e as situações dramáticas nem sempre são de todos convincentes, mas há algo de muito intenso, para além dos resultados obtidos! (WPC>)

  13. Erlösung's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    It is thoroughly effective in conveying that sense of claustrophobia lingering in the kind of places where troubled people may gather but, besides that, it is a quite redundant and chaotic; while this is not necessarily bad, the lack of juxtapositions and the absence of changes of pace and tone deprives it of elegance and complexity.

  14. ozan y.'s rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    itilmişliğin acı paprikası addettim bu filmi... hey, fazladan hapı olan var mı?

  15. NipponNewfie's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    The most disturbing thing in this film was probably the matching floral print sofa and curtains - that's going to give me nightmares.

  16. Yuda's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    A film that explores the complications that arise when living life as a recovering addict. More specifically, the film describes how well-meaning recovery groups can become a nest of toxicity, as ill-equipped leaders attempt to foster a sense of belonging. For someone who lived in a sober house, this film was at once triggering and affirming - the ham-fisted healing techniques displayed are particularly evocative.

  17. Lilly's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    It's an atmospheric, and emotional ride. Sort of a humanist gone girl feel. Not just lead by women or men. Diverse commune that commits terror on to itself by creating that perfect storm of a house full of leaderless people being led on by the homeowner. Who seems a young, slightly manipulative but mostly lustful and stupid man. The relationships come across realistic and toxic. The romance is in the shooting style.

  18. Cody Shreffler's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    Has got to be one of the most organic demonstrations of altruistic and love-fueled intent turned visceral torment I have seen in quite some time. It's placed in such a realistic and almost frighteningly tangible setting that I actually found myself trying to stifle near panic attacks during the onslaught of empathetic squirming. Major anxiety warning.

  19. Theoni's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

  20. Narayan's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    This film is a cynical take on what people with literally no life experience daily. There is very little plot direction with every scene being just a very scattered and confusing clusterfuck to absorb. There was nothing enjoyable about the film except finishing it. The only person I'd have watch it is someone who is on a self destructive path just to show them what happens to people that aren't responsible. Peace out

  21. Jimmy James's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    A festering hell of inexplicable people anguishing through labyrinthine half realities. Made me want to throw up. Four outta five stars.

  22. M****'s rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    Thoroughly enjoyed this film. Super genius period piece.

  23. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    "It's completely manipulative."

  24. Alan Johnson's rating of the film Stinking Heaven

    Couldn't even finish this film, apologies to the people who enjoyed it.

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