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  1. Photo of King Vidor

    King Vidor Director

  2. Photo of Olive Higgins Prouty

    Olive Higgins Prouty Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harry Wagstaff Gribble

    Harry Wagstaff Gribble Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gertrude Purcell

    Gertrude Purcell Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sarah Y. Mason

    Sarah Y. Mason Screenplay

  6. Photo of Victor Heerman

    Victor Heerman Screenplay

  7. Photo of Joe Bigelow

    Joe Bigelow Screenplay

  8. Photo of Ann Shoemaker

    Ann Shoemaker Cast

  9. Photo of Tim Holt

    Tim Holt Cast

  10. Photo of Nella Walker

    Nella Walker Cast

  11. Photo of Bruce Satterlee

    Bruce Satterlee Cast

  12. Photo of Barbara Stanwyck

    Barbara Stanwyck Cast

  13. Photo of John Boles

    John Boles Cast

  14. Photo of Anne Shirley

    Anne Shirley Cast

  15. Photo of Barbara O'Neil

    Barbara O'Neil Cast

  16. Photo of Alan Hale

    Alan Hale Cast

  17. Photo of Marjorie Main

    Marjorie Main Cast

  18. Photo of George Walcott

    George Walcott Cast

  19. Photo of Hattie McDaniel

    Hattie McDaniel Cast

  20. Photo of Rudolph Maté

    Rudolph Maté Cinematography

  21. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  22. Photo of Samuel Goldwyn

    Samuel Goldwyn Producer

  23. Photo of Sherman Todd

    Sherman Todd Editing

  24. Photo of Omar Kiam

    Omar Kiam Costume Design