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  1. zoloip's rating of the film Sombre

  2. nothing's rating of the film Sombre

  3. MisterColo93's rating of the film Sombre

  4. martial canterel's rating of the film Sombre

    I cannot think any frantic harmonium better than the scene when it starts to play Vega's Fat City...

  5. MarcusArcus's rating of the film Sombre

  6. Renton47's rating of the film Sombre

    Why is there a need to grapple with what the bowels of an "endless night" might resemble, and what is my curiosity in watching? Sombre is a valiant affront, a molecular vision of hell. Disturbing doesn't do it justice, but at least its atrocities are unpalatable - the real reason to watch is for the way its images and sounds depict the maelstrom of a mind which sees purity as a threat to its condition. 3.5

  7. hankiro's rating of the film Sombre

    Darkness all encompassing, suffocating, but not constrictive. This grants life on PG's screen its greatest gift: lack of boundary. Lines blurred, borders ripped from the screen- nothing stops impending doom from probing in/out like a strobe light. Its anywhere and everywhere & focus is only when man chooses to tighten his grip on a poor soul wandering in his path. Light isnt restricted from entering; it dares not to.

  8. Enkiled's rating of the film Sombre

  9. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Sombre

  10. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Sombre

  11. CRW's rating of the film Sombre

    Could have been interesting. Wasn't.

  12. Derrière chaque paupière des oeillades's rating of the film Sombre

  13. Assem Abdel Rassoul Hendawi's rating of the film Sombre

  14. "Mother" Gin Sling's rating of the film Sombre

    Grandrieux: "The darkness is a possibility that something appears. You couldn’t see exactly what it is, and the difficulty to see is a strong link [...]. For me, it’s an access, also, the darkness, to the shape, to the form and to the story." My interview with Grandrieux:

  15. rian's rating of the film Sombre

    it's all about the man and his depression of premature ejaculation right ?

  16. Jason's rating of the film Sombre

    High concept: Alan Vega and a killer on the road. The film I had been waiting for my whole life. Be careful of fantasies. They can come true. It hollows me out. I don't always feel good about what makes me feel good (or not?). Here's the thing: Grandrieux is an explorer with form. He invents phantom textures. Also: of all the many, many artists to ever compare vaginas to the void ... he does it best.

  17. sacajawèale's rating of the film Sombre

    Accused of misogyny. Pff. The clue for me is in the final sequence shot: some men cannot be part of the system also trying in vain to get in. Grandrieux is master in express it with an extensive framing work; the camera gasps and trembles processing Jean's unpredictable yet self-distructive system, vice versa it dilates and relaxes in the surrouding placid indifference.

  18. Lord_Beria's rating of the film Sombre

  19. nobody nothing's rating of the film Sombre

    Boring as a film, desperate and lazy as an addition to the New French Extremity genre, and ineffective as art. This film relied on mindless violence, which isn't even portrayed as graphically as it could, and nauseating camerawork to pass itself off as anything but the boring pseudo-art-horror film that it is. No character development, no logical transitions in story, and no depth.

  20. maud's rating of the film Sombre

  21. F.Bieberkopf's rating of the film Sombre

    Morality and redemption with an overdose of body essentialism, transfiguration and mutation. Grandrieux is an angel!

  22. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Sombre

    "Sombre" parte de la conocida dialéctica sobre amantes de naturalezas opuestas, aunque ambos coincidiendo por su represión sexual: los son dos vírgenes e inexpertos. En su transcurso, una serie de disparos experimentales con poca relación en la trama más que por la personalidad perturbada del protagonista. Pura presunción.

  23. dschank's rating of the film Sombre

    as uncomfortable as i am with calling a film about a serial rapist/murder "impressionistic," that's really the way to describe it. grandrieux sets aside the moral histrionics, moneyshots and audience manipulation that usually attends "shock cinema" in favor of something peculiar and potent. <i>sombre</i> aestheticizes awful acts, but the lens it uses to do so is unlike all others. essential, if you can stomach it.

  24. Through A Glass, Darkly's rating of the film Sombre

    Intense, unnerving cinematic experience rather than conventional cinema. The moral is in the gesture, I wrote in my dissertation on Grandrieux's films. And if one is willing to accept this perspective, the film is quite a unique achievement.

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